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Castries, Saint Lucia, Tuesday October 26, 2021:— Cabinet Ministers are reportedly still in “all smiles” mode following a one-day retreat on Good Governance held last weekend.

That’s according to a participant who spoke to Saint Lucia News Online (SLNO) last evening.

The retreat, held Saturday (23rd October), was the first for the men and women appointed May 17 to lead ministries in the new Philip J. Pierre-led administration following the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) 13-4 victory in the July 26 General Elections.

Also attending were Senior Minister Stephenson King and Housing and Local Government Minister Richared Frederick, the two victorious Independent candidates invited to join the new Cabinet.

According to an official press release from the Office of the Prime Minister, the retreat was “part of an ongoing programme to enable ministers to be more effective and efficient in their service to the the people of Saint Lucia.”

The release also said, “Ministers were exposed to global best practices in the governance and administration of public policy.”

The 8-hour session, which examined issues of local, regional and international import, was facilitated by “local and regional experts in the areas of good governance, public relations and communication  and public sector management.”

The source said, “The retreat also offered ministers with previous experience (in Cabinet) another opportunity to share experiences with and offer contemporary advice to colleagues on roles and expectations.

“It also allowed Prime Minister Pierre to further outline his approach to leadership and governance from the standpoint of a Servant Leader who will not only care for those who voted for his party, but for all of Saint Lucia.”

According to the source, “It also allowed the PM to explain how he saw his Cabinet playing its role in the current COVID circumstances and beyond, taking government benefits and sharing government resources with all constituencies.

“But most of all, it helped the entire Cabinet get their first opportunity to sync minds around hopw best to deliver on the SLP’s election promise to keep Putting People First.”

The facilitators for the new Cabinet’s first retreat included: former Cabinet Secretary and Human Resource Management Consultant Victor Poyotte and former Cabinet Secretary and former Diplomat from Saint Lucia Anthony Severin, both from Saint Lucia.

Overseas-based facilitators included: Wendell E. Lawrence (former Senior Civil Servant and Diplomat from St. Kitts and Nevis); Dr. Aubrey B. Armstrong President of AAMA (a Barbados based management consulting firm and former UN Advisor in Management Training Methods in the Caribbean) and Linus E. Rogers (former Government Senator and Organisational and Human Resource Development expert from Trinidad & Tobago).

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  • The Fox

    November 8, 2021 at 5:53 pm

    Enough of the talking, find if you may, but create work for the people.


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