Cabinet approves ‘Use of Force Policy’ for law enforcement officers

Cabinet approves ‘Use of Force Policy’ for law enforcement officers


PRESS RELEASE – The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a ‘Use of Force Policy’ for Law Enforcement Officers by Cabinet Conclusion No. 583 of 2015 dated September 21, 2015.

The Policy is designed to provide parameters and guidance to law enforcement officers in determining the appropriate use of force when discharging their duties.

Further, it reinforces the responsibility of law enforcement officers to adhere to proper practices and behavior.

The Policy recognizes that law enforcement officers must have the highest regard for the constitutional rights and human rights of all persons.

Therefore, as far as possible, law enforcement officers should use only that force which is objectively reasonable and necessary to accomplish lawful ends.

The Policy applies to all Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Police Officers of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, Special Reserve Police, Special Constables and Peace Officers.

The Use of Force Policy will inform the relevant standing orders to be issued by the Commissioner of Police.


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  1. Teasers and none lethal weapons to deal with criminals with high powered weapon? You guys are having a laugh.


  2. Now that the use of force policy has been speedily implemented, I think it is time that an amendment be made to the laws which would no longer make the use of tasers illegal for law enforcement officers. For decades now the police have been equipped with only firearms in the execution of their duties, hence the recurrence of deaths especially in dealing with mentally ill persons. The policy is good however without the necessary tools and equipment how can one be expected to deal with various situations when all you are equipped with is a lethal weapon. I believe the government has taken a step in the right direction, however this is not sufficient, the police need non-lethal tools such as pepper-spray, tranquilizers and tasers so as to properly subdue individuals who pose a threat to the general public.


  3. t6he government has basically given authorization to the police to use force with this so called policy.

    yes it mentions human rights but when u tell an officer to use his/her discretion all they can do is lie and say they felt in danger etc so they used force.

    this is not the solution but jus going to add fuel to a fire which was almost put out.....


  4. SO, Cabinet Ministers have approved a Policy of behaviour for police officers. I am not going to ask what took them so long but rather what sort of policy they are planning (if any) for their friends in the judiciary who are crooked. I think this is the end of anymore action on their part; this is just to appease the public and keep them quiet for the present time.


  5. So the police didn't know that?....What's being taught @ the police academy?...Passing this bill makes no sense,The police themselves should know the law.How can you enforce the law when you don't know it?...
    1.The police didn't know they must not hang civilians in the prison?
    2.The police didn't know they cannot intentionally wound an unarmed individual? Or even kill them at times?
    3.The police didn't know they cannot hunt down the ex gf's new BF to intimidate or threaten them?
    4.The police didn't know they must not steal evidence (money,drugs) @ the station or commit fraud to insurance agencies?
    Choops,that bill is just another useless law passed,because if you have to pass a bill for the police to realize they must follow the law then awa-we.


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