C-PAF and the OECS Competitive Business Unit hosts e-Business crowd funding workshop

C-PAF and the OECS Competitive Business  Unit hosts e-Business crowd funding workshop

unnamedPRESS RELEASE – The Caribbean Performing Arts Federation C-PAF and the OECS Competitive Business  Unit (CBU) has collaborated to  host an e- Business (Crowd funding and Social Media Marketing) workshop.

The workshop which will be held at the CoCo Palm Beach Resort on  November 12th and Friday November 13th, 2015, will educate persons running small and medium size enterprises on the importance of e- Business and how to launch a successful e-Business campaign.

This workshop is being facilitated by the Barbados based Crowd Funding Platform, Vision Funder and  is being funded under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF), Economic Integration and Trade of the OECS Region programme

The workshop forms part of C-PAF’s initiatives to benefit its membership with regard to education and networking. Recently C-PAF along with Alliance Francaise successfully hosted a Neo Kweyol Vibes Session which featured Martinican Performance Poet Black Kalagan and highlighted local artists including Cleopatra Jules, Meshach, Yannick James, Ras Isley, Silver Shadow Dance Academy and Vida Dance Company; another benefit to members for showcasing and networking.


The e-Business workshop is expected to host participants from various sectors including agriculture and creative sectors. Saint Lucia is the final OECS territory to host the e-Business workshop following Antigua, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Saint Vincent and Grenada which all hosted the workshop successfully.

About C-PAF (Caribbean Performing Arts Federation)

The Caribbean Performing Arts Federation (C-PAF) is a member driven organization which seeks to develop the performing arts sector as follows:

  • Promoting the performing arts primarily in the OECS sub-region and eventually on a global scale.
  • Facilitating the development of an enabling environment for the implementation of a more integrated OECS creative arts sector.
  • Developing the educational and performing arts programs targeting both in school (primary and secondary levels) as well as out of school youths
  • Professional and personal development of industry practitioners.
  • Establishing a data base including but not limited to industry practitioners and support services as well as a calendar of events in the OECS Territories


To date C-PAF has officially launched in Dominica, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, and Antigua and Barbuda. The Task Forces are made up of resource persons with special interests transcending the varying aspects of the performing arts and support services.  The sectors of the Performing Arts that C-PAF will be engaging are music, dance, theatre, comedy, film and fashion.


The Federation seeks to bridge the divide which exists between creative industry practitioners and member governments by partnering with as many government ministries, departments or quasi-government entities, organizations, groups and individuals as possible to develop the performing arts, and to bring the talents and skills of performers to a global export standard.

Saint Lucia recently reopened its doors for membership. The new seven member Saint Lucian Task Force was recently formed and represents a cross section of all genres of the performing arts in St Lucia.

They include Kate Popo-(Theatre Arts Performer and Manager);  Martha McLennon ( Lighting Designer), Martha Blanchard (Song Writer, Author and Composer, Yannick James (Musician), Delia Louis (Creative Talent Development Agent), Imran Emmanuel ( Ministry Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries Representative) and Kentillia Louis (Performance Arts Specialist).


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