BVI: Woman charged for allegedly spending $20K erroneously deposited to bank account

BVI: Woman charged for allegedly spending $20K erroneously deposited to bank account

(BVI NEWS) – A Jamaica national living in the British Virgin Islands is facing a criminal charge after she allegedly refused to come up with a plan to repay $20,809.51 that Scotiabank had erroneously deposited to her account.

Charged with theft is Kerron Fagon. She was not required to plead when she appeared before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo on Wednesday.

This is because the matter is indictable and triable before a judge and jury at the High Court.


The court heard that on March 28 this year, the financial institution made the erroneous deposit into her bank account.

According to reported claims by the accused woman, she contacted the bank’s call centre in Canada to make inquiries after noticing the sum reflected in her account balance.

The court heard that a call centre agent reportedly told her to keep the money.

It is alleged that Fagon then went to an automated teller machine on April 4 and reportedly withdrew $1,000. She later went inside and withdrew $19,000, without making any inquiries about the origin of the funds or how the money came to be deposited into her account.

Notably, the accused woman does not have salary deposits or any other form of automatic deposits going to her account.

Major investment

The court heard that after receiving the money, the accused reportedly gave friends various sums of the cash to send abroad on her behalf.

It is alleged that she used the funds to start constructing a house and buy a vehicle. It is further alleged that she used the remaining funds to order items online to maintain her pig farm in her home country.

The court heard that the bank recognized the money was missing on September 3. After conducting an internal investigation, they contacted the accused woman. During a subsequent meeting on September 5, she was given up to the 9th of that month to come up with a solution for repayment.

The court heard that the accused did not comply and the matter was subsequently reported to the police.

On September 19, members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force met, interviewed, and then charged the woman for theft.

Her matter was adjourned to December 10 when the question of her bail will be handled.

Attorney-at-law Reynela Rawlins represents the accused.


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