BVI: Residents billed for the months without power

BVI: Residents billed for the months without power

(BVI NEWS) – Communication and Works Minister Mark Vanterpool has called on the BVI Electricity Cooperation (BVIEC) to halt service disconnections for persons with inflated bills.

A number of persons have reported receiving questionable utility bills from the electricity company since power was restored to their homes.

A female resident who participated as a caller on the NDP Radio programme last evening said power was restored to her community late-January.

The woman said she and other residents in the area have received electricity bills reflecting the months they were without the power.

“And BVIEC telling us we have to pay, otherwise they are going to disconnect us,” she said.

While responding to the concern, Minister Vanterpool said he plans to meet with the BVIEC to iron out the issue.

“As the minister, I want to ask the [electricity] cooperation to be patient with persons and not disconnect them,” he said.

Generators may have caused problem

The minister said the issue may lie with generators that were used after the hurricanes.

“What has happened was that the people hooked up their generators to their houses and the generators were turning the meters and now the BVIEC has to figure out and work out what the cost might have been and what the cost was at that time.”

“So, it is a discussion that we are going to be having and hopefully after that, we can work through the situation and have something resolved,” he said.


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