BVI: Police discover over 20 marijuana plants at Foxy’s

BVI: Police discover over 20 marijuana plants at Foxy’s
Not the plants mentioned in the story.

(BVI NEWS) – Police reportedly are investigating a relatively large drug discovery at a well-known establishment on Jost Van Dyke — Foxy’s Tamarind Bar.

BVI understands law enforcers on the island found more than 20 potted marijuana plants at the back of the establishment.

Police reportedly informed management and questioned employees at the facility.

No arrests were made in connection with the discovery, BVI News understands.

When contacted in relation to the reported incident, General Manager at Foxy’s, Thomas Warner said he has “absolutely no idea” how the plants came to be at the establishment.

He further said neither the Foxy’s business nor its employees had anything to do with the cultivation of the plants.

Police have confiscated the plants and highly-placed sources say the illegal plant will be assessed for forensic evidence.

If one or more persons are implicated in relation to the plants, they could be charged with cultivation of cannabis as well as other related charges.

The discovery of the plants comes on the heels of the establishment’s highly anticipated marijuana-focused event called Extrava-Ganja 2018: A Virgin Islands Hemp and Cannabis Festival.

The event is slated for Saturday, July 7 and is aimed at reviving discussions about legalizing or decriminalising marijuana in the BVI.

Local authorities are said to have responded positively to the festival, which will see a number of speakers participating. One such speaker is a well-known advocate for the legalization of marijuana in the neighbouring US Virgin Islands, Senator Positive Nelson.

Saturday’s event does not involve breaking any of the territory’s current laws.


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  1. I swear them police don't have nothing to do. What drugs ayo fine. Put security in focus for the up coming hurricane season on its way and leave the Ganja alone. Why fight it and nuff ayo ah light it. More fyah


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