BVI: ‘Jealous’ man remanded for allegedly choking, beating lover

BVI: ‘Jealous’ man remanded for allegedly choking, beating lover

(BVI NEWS) – A 24-year-old man accused of choking, slapping, and punching his now ex-lover in the gut was denied bail in the Magistrate’s Court on Friday, November 24.

Charged with attempting to choke, criminal damage, and two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm is Hope Hill resident and ex-convict, Jovanie Richardson.

He was not made to plead to the offences because his matters may be heard in the High Court before a judge and jury.

The prosecution claimed that Richardson tried to choke his lover on multiple occasions.


The court was told that on July 6 this year, the woman was at her Sea Cow’s Bay residence with her infant child and the accused when she received a message on her cellular phone.

The accused reportedly demanded to see the message and grabbed the device away.

The woman left the room with her infant but Richardson reportedly followed a short while after and accused her of having an affair.

It is alleged that the altercation escalated and Richardson pushed the woman into a bedroom and began to choke her.

The woman tried to resist but Richardson allegedly climbed on top of her and continued choking her.

“When man trying to be good ayo, on the other hand, always doing a heap of f**k to provoke people,” Richardson allegedly said as he released the woman’s neck.

“Even if you go station to provoke me and I go jail, I could make things happen to you from in there,” he allegedly added.

Allegedly choked again

The court was told that the accused then professed his love for the woman.

“I am a jealous person and if I didn’t care or love you I wouldn’t be acting this way,” he reportedly said while attempting to hug her.

The court was told that the woman, however, rejected his embrace. This caused another altercation, the court heard.

It is alleged that the altercation again became physical and the couple tussled into another room where the woman’s sister was asleep at the time.

The court was told that the sister awoke to find Richardson choking the woman on the bottom bunk of her bed.

It is reported that the accused applied so much force while choking his lover that the screws began to loosen on the bed.

The sister was told to get help but Richardson, the accused, allegedly said: “You can call who you want for me. I ain’t scared of nobody. You can go police ’cause that’s all you can do. But if anybody come for me, that going to be another situation.”

The alleged tough-talking accused was seen openly weeping in court as the prosecution outlined the allegations.

Post-hurricane violence

Meanwhile, in September, ahead of Hurricane Irma, Richardson reportedly sought refuge at the woman’s abode. He was told to leave days after the hurricane because he allegedly had started to become violent.

He reportedly complied but returned on November 19, claiming that he had nowhere else to go.

It is reported that though their relationship had ended, Richardson accused the woman of being with someone else. He became violent, the court heard.

The court heard that when the woman refused to answer his questions, he slapped her five times in the face causing injury to her lip.

Richardson allegedly began to choke her, again. He squeezed until she saw blackness, the court heard.

The prosecution alleged that the woman tried to defend herself but Richardson punched her in the abdomen and back in full view of the woman’s child. She tried to leave but he reportedly pulled her back.

The court was told that the altercation subsided after she told the accused that she had to take her child to a doctor’s appointment at the Peebles Hospital in Road Town.

The accused complied with her request and followed her to the medical facility.

Denied bail, previous convictions

The court was told that the woman contacted the police and law enforcers subsequently accosted Richardson at the hospital.

“Officer, you going to arrest me? Let me talk to her because I don’t want to go back to jail,” said Richardson who is currently serving a suspended sentence for another offence.

He was subsequently charged.

In court, the prosecution objected to bail, arguing that Richardson has previous convictions as well as a ‘grave propensity for violence’.

Magistrate Ayana Baptiste DaBreo subsequently denied bail. This resulted in the accused bursting into tears.

Richardson is scheduled to return to court on January 19.

In relation to the previous offence for which he was sentenced several months ago, Richardson was told that if he was found guilty of another offence within two years, his suspended sentence would activate and he will be imprisoned for three years.


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