BVI immigration officer accused of robbing woman

BVI immigration officer accused of robbing woman

(BVI NEWS) – An Immigration officer has found himself on the wrong end of the law and is now facing robbery charges.

Charged is 35-year-old Virgin Gorda resident, Donald Hanley.

Police allege Hanley approached a woman one night in March while she was on her way home in Virgin Gorda.

The Immigration officer allegedly robbed the woman of ‘proceeds of a business’.

No one was injured in that incident, police said.

Police also mentioned two other robbery-related arrests they made recently.

One of the two accused persons is Mervin Flaherty, Jr who police said was charged after being identified as the lone masked gunman who entered a business in Port Purcell last July. The second is an unnamed assailant who was reportedly involved in an attempted robbery at the weekend.

Giving details of the latter incident, police said: “In the attempted robbery, two armed males dressed in black hoodies reportedly held up workers of the food stand.”

“Initial investigations indicate that one of the armed males tried to grab a bag of money from a worker but was fought off. In the struggle, the gun was extricated from that assailant and his partner ran off through the parking lot.”

Persons in the area at the time reportedly mobbed an beat the assailant who was, thereafter, taken to Peebles Hospital for treatment.

He escaped custody at the hospital but was later recaptured.


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