BVI: Cop convicted for leaking information to criminal suspects

BVI: Cop convicted for leaking information to criminal suspects
Starcy Huggins (File photo)
Starcy Huggins (File photo)

(BVI NEWS) – Interdicted police officer Starcy Huggins has been convicted of ‘breach of trust by a public officer’.

Magistrate Ayanna Batiste DaBreo found Huggins guilty when the four-year-old matter concluded last Thursday.

The cop now faces prison time of up to three years.

According to the BVI’s Criminal Code Act, “a public official who, in the discharge of his/her duties, breaches or commits any fraud or breach of trust affecting the public … commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to imprisonment.”

Prosecutors say, back in 2013, Huggins assisted criminal suspects by warning them of a covert police operation that was underway at the time.

On November 29 that year, a group of officers was selected to be part of a special police operation in search of two suspects.

Huggins who was among those selected was reportedly briefed about the said operation.

While the police party was en route to apprehend the suspects, they stopped in a section of a community and exited the vehicle. Prosecutors say Huggins remained inside the police vehicle where she telephoned the suspects saying: “Hey, hey … ayo owe me big time. They (police) coming; they coming now.”

Huggins is scheduled to be sentenced for the offence on January 19, next year.


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