BVI cop charged for leaking information to criminals

BVI cop charged for leaking information to criminals
Starcy Huggins (File photo)
Starcy Huggins (file photo)

(BVI NEWS) — Interdicted police officer Starcy Huggins has been given a two-year suspended prison sentence for leaking police information back in 2013.

Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo handed down the sentence on Wednesday.

Huggins’ suspended sentence mandates that she will only serve two years in prison if she commits another offence within the next two years.

The court heard that her no previous convictions, her son’s illness, and the fact that the matter has been before the court for more than four years were considered factors that served in the convicted cop’s favour.

On the other hand, the seriousness of the offence and the breach of trust were some of the aggravating factors in the matter, the court heard.

However, Magistrate DaBreo pointed out that while she understood that the offence was a serious one, “justice will be served” with the suspended sentence.

In the meantime, Huggins’ attorney Stacy Abel told BVI News that the sentence was indeed just.

“I believe it (the sentence) is in keeping with the sentences that have been handed down before. Miss Huggins has been on bail since that time. To now come at this late stage now even though she has been convicted, I don’t feel that it would serve anything to anybody if she went to jail now,” the attorney said.

“I really believe that this would have been an injustice.”

What happened

The court heard that on November 29, 2013, Huggins who was part of a covert police operation, reportedly alerted two criminal suspects that police was on to them.

“Hey, hey … ayo, owe me big time. They (police) coming. They coming now,” Huggins reportedly said to the suspected criminals while law enforcers were en route to their location.

The court was told that she had seized the opportunity to make the call when her colleagues exited their police vehicle for a brief moment.

After a protracted trial, Huggins was found guilty on one count of ‘breach of trust by a public officer’.


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