BUSTED UP! Thief severely beaten by woman in Castries

BUSTED UP! Thief severely beaten by woman in Castries

A phone thief chose the wrong woman to pick on recently. And she is no ordinary woman. She has over five years’ experience in martial arts.

In an exclusive interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO), the woman, who is in her 40s and preferred not to have her name published, said at about 1:30 p.m. last Thursday, she was talking to someone on her Samsung Galaxy S4 near the Castries cathedral when the culprit – in his early 20’s – grabbed her phone and attempted to flee.

However, the woman’s swift – and damaging – reaction stopped him in his tracks.

A knee to the stomach brought the thief down immediately, and from then on he received blows repeatedly.

An elbow blow busted the young man’s nose.

According to the woman, she was told later that the culprit also sustained two broken ribs.

“He didn’t have any time to retaliate because I continued to deliver knees and elbows to his upper torso,” she told SNO.

By that time, a crowd started to gather. She said people in the crowd were encouraging her to “kill him, kill him” but she noted she is not a violent person and only reacted naturally in self-defense.

The police was called and the young man was taken away.

The woman, who is a St. Lucian living overseas, said she did not press for any charges against the culprit because she is due to leave the island soon, and would not have had the time to stick around for a case which would’ve taken months to be completed in the courts.

She said she was only interested in getting back her phone, which was returned.

She further told St. Lucia News Online that she was surprised that the man attempted to rob her at a time when the streets are busy with human and vehicular traffic.

Otherwise, it was “just an ordinary day” for her.

A police source confirmed the incident but could not immediately say if the culprit is still in hospital.


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  1. So beat up a common crook who tried to snatch a phone and hooray! it seems that that's the answer to correct the wrongs of society, what about the air conditioned thieves who after robbing us blind sit down with a cup of coffee and think of more ways to rob us, yes i'm talking about the "Real Crooks" you might know them as bankers, lawyers, doctors, politicians and what have you, who's gonna beat them up?




  3. You go my lady,u didn't give the Bastard enough, he to damn bold for robbing someone and in broad day light, get your ass up and go look for something to do to buy S4.And what hitting me the Most is expensive things they like.but the asshole lucky the lady eh press charges for them to bull his ass in jail.Lady you are my hero,can u come back and teach us some of that martial arts, it would be deeply appreciated.....


  4. Good Job lady..One used to always rade people in Micoud untill he did that to a guy from Antigua who was there on vacation. The Guy bust his ass. The guy slice his head with a piece of block. He told the police is a cutlass the guy hit him with. When the Police went to the scene they saw all the skin of his head on the piece of block on the ground.The same things he told the guy before the incident is what he use to tell people before he rade them. I hope the police realize he was the culprit doing these things. Since his incident I have not heard anyone being raded again.


  5. Two broken ribs not enough.she shoulda brake his two arms and his two feet.oh how I hare a thief...hats off to the lady!


  6. Lucian empress, shut up. You behaving like you are not liable to be robbed in which ever part of the world that you are living.


  7. Now my comment may be offensive to some but at this time I really couldn't be bothered. Lets face it, most of major crimes particularly robberies are done by young black men in the teens or early twenties from impoverished poor and ghetto neighborhoods and backgrounds. I mean I have never heard someone from a prominent family in St Lucia robbing anybody or committing any heinous acts. Lets face it 99% come from poor ghetto driven, predominantly black communities. Now I blame the young women who live in those communities who constantly keep having kids with different men who probably are criminals in the first place and keep having them with different men which ultimately mean several kids. Now most of them are unemployed have very limited skill sets and also have no prospects, sad but true. Now I know people will say that it's not their fault which is kinda true but come the **ck on I mean look around you have a brain in your head use it and try to better decisions. These kids grow up without a father or any good male roll models and adapt to the lifestyle and on and on the viscous cycle starts over again. The government should build free clinics where these same women and men can come in get free medical care where they have the option to tie their tubes or gave a vasectomy. People may call it barbaric but I say its necessary. I guarantee in the next 7-10 years we will see a considerable drop in these crimes.


    • You are wrong on one front. "Black men". Who steals all the cows in St Lucia? Who brings the coke to the island. Who buys the stolen items? Who steals the cars and strip them? Who are the ones never caught?


      • Don't get ball hyped by "White Boy" It/He/She, believes that this is the USA or a predominantly white society.
        He forgot this is a Black owned Island.

        Just a dumb white troll who forget they are the world's Pedos.


    • White boy you're racist and disrespectful. Do you see young black men from the ghettos in government and sitting in on UN meetings? They're the biggest criminals on the planet. The streets of Hoxton and Dalston, London is filled with white,young men and women, who snatch purses to pay for heroin, that other whites smuggle into the UK. Whats your remedy for that situation? Your agenda sounds like that of a typical racist bigot, who's plans are population control for the black race. You and your white brothers invade countries all over the planet, killing innocent people in the name of democracy and freedom. Your ancestors killed indians, africans, arabs, all types, for land and oil, yet you have the nerve to write this crap. You obviously don't know your own damn history. Leave our problems to us, we will fix it.


  8. @ a vicious society. Excessive force my foot were you there? Would you be able to defend yourself? You think he just gave her the phone back? She did not kill him she incapacitated him enough to retrieve her phone and called the police. She did what she was taught. These people carry weapons what is wrong with you. Must hard working people allow thieves to take advantage of them all the time? Broad daylight by the church with people everywhere and no one helped. Where were you what excessive force you talking about. Smh


  9. Why do people believe that because they steal the young men are hungry?They do not want food, it is the drugs they want.