Businesswoman injured in shooting concerned about the survival of her business

Businesswoman injured in shooting concerned about the survival of her business
The shooting claimed the life of Sherwin Auguste and injured the owner of a bar (inset photo) who was shot in the thigh. * Inset photo by HTS
The shooting claimed the life of Sherwin ‘Shervy’ Auguste and injured the owner of a bar (inset photo) who was shot in the thigh. * Inset photo by HTS

A businesswoman who was injured during last night’s deadly shooting in front her roadside bar in Ravine Poisson has told the media that she is concerned about the survival of her business and the financial stress the incident will cause.

The shooting that occurred shortly after 8 p.m. took the life of 41-year-old Sherwin Auguste, also known as ‘Shervy’, a resident of Vanard, Anse La Raye, police said.

Auguste, who was reportedly patronising the bar, sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance where he was pronounced dead by a medical practitioner at about 9:45 p.m., police said.

The businesswoman sustained a single gunshot wound to the right thigh and was discharged from hospital today. She is now recovering at home.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the bar owner told HTS News4force that the bullet is still lodged in her thigh and will require surgery to remove it.

She said the cost for the surgery and the fact that she is a self-employed single mother, who is also taking care of her elderly mother, will put more “burden” on her financial situation. She said this will no doubt put the survival of her business in jeopardy.

The businesswoman explained what occurred last evening: “I was at my shop last night, and … a customer came to buy food. Whilst I was serving the customer I heard a loud noise. When I heard the loud noise I felt my foot get heavy so I ran; in running I fell to my knees and then I crawl the rest of the way.”

She added: “I continue hearing the rest of the shooting. I continued hearing the person licking the shots.”

When the shooting stopped, the businesswoman said she ran to the door and opened it because “I had some children waiting for their mom at the shop for me, and I opened the door for them”.

She said one of the children went for a shirt and used it to tie her leg. That’s when they broke the news that “one of the guys” was shot and died.

Auguste’s death is the 34th homicide for the year.


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  1. You All have something Bad To say About This Situation... Yes He Wasn't Perfect ... Nobody Is ... The Reason He lived his Life Is The Same Reason He Lost His arms??‍♀️.. We All Know How It Feels Unless It Happen To one Of Us .. He Was My Cousin.. He Has Done some Really bad Things in life..But Inspite Of This He Was A Really Nice Person.. Not Greedy and He'd Give Any And Everything For His Family.. Most of Yall Don't Know Him.. Y'all just heard Of Him... Assumptions.. He Is Human to And His Family Love And care About him ... And All at his Negativity And Not Thinking Positive.... Will back fire And YOu will Know show It feels when It Happens to Someone Dear to Your Heart .. Don't Matter The Way He Lived His Life Nobody Deserve To die Like This... And Revenge William be Fulfilled


  2. Lady, call the Pied Piper and let him know of your plight. Since gaining power he gone silent on crime...I guess he is busy global hopping to attend to local affairs and as a consequence he appears oblivious to the fact that the crime rates continue to rise. Looks like Lucia under Chastenet is the new crime haven.....pretty soon advisories [if not all ready done] will issued on travel to Saint Lucia.

    Chastenet your grade is an - "A" . Fell free to add a couple of letter after your grade.


  3. Maybe if she did a better job of running her business, Shervy would still be alive and she would have a bullet in her ass. Do better next time. SMH


    • Looks like she was the one who push chevy to live the life he has been living. I must say this is the most ignore comment I've ever came across. Smh


    • Mr. Coco, do you think before you think or write because it seems to me like you just speaking out your ass. What does running her business have to do with the gun violence that took place in her establishment.

      Sit down and be quiet.


  4. How bad is that! children close by, innocent business person hurt and probably traumatised, so very sad.


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