Businessman seeks public’s help in locating stolen ‘bouncy castle’

Businessman seeks public’s help in locating stolen ‘bouncy castle’

18337308_10209144777248783_1293744743_nA businessman is seeking the public’s help in recovering a ‘bouncy castle’ that was stolen from his mother’s residence in Bonneterre, Gros Islet between May 2 and May 3.

The businessman, who preferred anonymity, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the inflatable castle was stolen about a day after it was used at an event in Chase Gardens, Castries.

The businessman said, interestingly, the castle was the only item stolen from the house.

The frustrated man said he purchased the item for about $6,000 in late March, to start his business, iBounce.

The matter was reported to the Gros Islet Police Station.

Bouncy castles are not common in St. Lucia so the businessman believes it shouldn’t be hard to find.

“If it’s opened anywhere I want to know, so I want pictures posted everywhere I can,” he said.

Anyone with information about the stolen item is asked to contact the nearest police station or 722-1276.



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  1. There was one by Finix in vfort. Saw it and didn't c it again thought that was the one in question


  2. when poor people get fed up and burst the thief asss the law will say do not take actions into yall hands.but seriously when you look at it them thieves deserve to get burst mark. on top of that if they get you remember rally is awaiting.


  3. It high time somebody make a thief return their stolen goods bright day light for everyone to see. i want to hear the them say loook the bouncing castle i stole here am me that take it. one day yall will be caught in the wrong way


  4. All lizards know what tree they climbing, I can assure you if was mine their hand would get ten times it's normal size which no doctor can explain, anyway in the first place they wouldn't be able to leave the house with it.


  5. Life ain't hard, people make it hard. St Lucia is becoming far from the paradise we knew it to be. Really sad to see a young man get knocked down on his way up. Keep strong! Don't give up, God is good. We have our eyes opened for you.


  6. Find out where & when the "trade" ships esp from St Vincent is docking into our waters. Thieves tend to rob, steal & burgle and flog it off to them. Car parts, furniture, appliances, bouncy castles ... you name the bulky item, they steal it and flog it off there. Then early next week or next 3/4 days a friend of yours on a trip to St Vincent sees your stuff there at a flea market.


  7. Funny the things people will steal shame on u or u all ..pls bring back what's not yours to the owner..that will be so nice of u or u all...God bless


  8. These Saint Lucian people love to steal, I am starting to realize that I must safe guard my property while on the island ... Stealing any and every damn thing, even a kids toy . MY GOSH !! no joy in paradise. Trip advisor need to include these incidence in their website to warn visitors traveling to the island.


    • Name one country including your homeland where there is no sort of these incidents. You should have stayed at home to be Perfectly safe in this sinful world.


      • I agree. This "Tourist" person is either an idiot or a liar. If his or her country does not have thieves then I would like this "Tourist" to please let me know how I can obtain citizenship in his or her perfect homeland. SMH some ppl say the dumbest things!


  9. Hope the name is on for identification. You will need to send to neighboring islands as well. Those vessels move fast. Wish you all the best in locating your investment.


  10. Anywhere that bouncing castle show up it will be recognize so to the damn demon who stole the bouncing castle bring back your mother,thief.You'll Lucians have sticky fingers,you'll cannot see people things and leave it alone,You'll make me sick.


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