Businessman Roger Myers donates mechanical ventilators

Businessman Roger Myers donates mechanical ventilators

By Fernelle Neptune, Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health and Wellness recently received a generous donation of ventilators from English businessman Roger Myers.

The donation of ventilators is expected to provide Saint Lucia with the flexibility in treating patients affected by COVID-19.

Roger Myers applauded the Government of Saint Lucia for the work undertaken to battle COVID-19 on island and says he is pleased to play a significant part in this effort.

“We purchased these units from a company called Avante Medical Supplies in Kentucky and I have never tried to buy anything before anybody else in the world trying to buy. It was so difficult. I purchased 1eleven and the people of Avante donated a further unit, a portable one that may be used for emergencies. I think the twelve about doubles the capacity on island. I am not sure but what I have been told. My real prayer is that this is a complete waste of money and they never need it.”

Minister for Health Sen. Hon. Mary Isaac commended Roger Myers on his efforts to provide such valuable contribution towards Saint Lucia’s response to COVID-19.

“It is quite a sacrifice and it is an immense gift to us the people of Saint Lucia that Mr. Myers is making here this morning. He even got emotional saying that he hopes that we never have to use those machines. These machines cost in excess of US$25, 000. We expect 12 in total.”

Consultant Anesthesiologist, Dr. Becky Jno Baptiste, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the ventilators.

“I would like to thank Mr. Roger Myers on behalf of the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care for this gallant and timely gesture. As we all know from the plethora of reports and news articles, mechanical ventilators are an integral component in the management of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome, from severe COVID-19 disease. While, we pray that no citizen will be diagnosed with this condition, these ventilators will now be added to our arsenal as COVID-19 remains a threat to us all.”

The Ministry of Health will receive a total of twelve ventilators to be utilized in the Intensive Care Units.


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