Businesses to close at noon today as severe weather approaches

Businesses to close at noon today as severe weather approaches
Business District, Bridge Street, Castries, Saint Lucia.
Business district- Bridge Street, Castries, Saint Lucia.

All businesses on Saint Lucia have been instructed to close at noon today Wednesday, September 28, 2016 in light of the impending severe weather.

Acting Prime Minister Lenard Montoute said in a statement early Wednesday morning that the weather system is expected to pass over Saint Lucia sometime after mid-day today, Wednesday.

With the passage of this weather system, heavy rains, high winds, thunder and lightning are expected.

“Consequently, I have advised that business houses by closed at 12 noon to facilitate workers and patrons in getting home before the worst of the strike by the weather,” Montoute said in a statement early Wednesday.

“We ask that all citizens exercise caution especially those in flood prone areas and take every measure necessary to protect life and property. Please take heed to all advisory issued by the Met Office and NEMO.”

The Saint Lucia Met Services will be issuing updates via its regular weather bulletins, press releases and social media during the approach and passage of this tropical cyclone.

The National Emergency Management Office has also issued a statement Tuesday urging residents to be vigilant and put all the mechanisms in place in preparation for the storm.

Neigbouring islands including Barbados, Dominica, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have also taken similar measures instructing that all schools remain closed for today.


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  1. The P.M is a businessman my ass. You see the state of the nation. Instead he instruct people to stay home and prepare for the storm he told them to work half day. 1 hour before the storm is to make landfall. Now hundreds are stranded. The poorly built roads collapsing. Lack of preparation. They should all be fired. NEMO the list fish, the met office and the acting PM.


  2. Mr Montoute should have asked for businesses to be closed from yesterday. I remember one year business were closed and after the all clear the supermarkets opnened at 12 pm or 1 pm. That would have been better. The bus drivers might just decide not to risk their lives to be on the road - see the chaos? Let's hope for the best. God Bless St Lucia.


  3. The storm is supposed to hit about midday but businesses will close at midday. How are people supposed to get home safely? Who are taking care of their children at this time? This is ridiculous.


    • For clarification The storm is supposed to "hit" us AFTER midday. If you had been following the weather news or even online you would have noticed that it is actually supposed to be here after 2pm.


  4. There should not have work today. People might be at risk trying to make it to their homes when business places close at noon.


  5. The storm is expected to pass sometime after mid day today BUT businesses to close at 12 pm.

    So people are expected to make their way home from 12 pm with a storm at their heels that is schedule to pass a little after 12 pm? Did we even remember the Christmas trough?
    What about people living in the south?

    Do they think that between 8 to 12 productivity levels would be at an all time high?
    For some businesses more losses may have been incurred as a result of opening 8- 12 as opposed to remaining closed.


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