Business opportunity for young people in the south

Business opportunity for young people in the south

PRESS RELEASE – The Organization for Entrepreneurship, Rural Development, Women and Youth; a Community Based Organization in the South of Saint Lucia is looking for four (4) innovative business concept note.

A Call for Action in Entrepreneurship is therefore being placed to young men and women from the Southern and South Western parts of Saint Lucia (Mabouya Valley, Micoud through to Choiseul) who are between the ages of 18 – 29 years old with a core interest in: Agriculture, Sustainable energy/climate change and Cultural industries to answer to the call and submit an application.

Submitted Business Concept Notes must be focused on; building employability skills; create jobs and/or help set up social business or micro enterprises that will directly or ultimately be of benefit to people in underserved and/or underprivileged communities.

Interested young persons are asked to send their concept notes to Ms. Christine Wilson at [email protected] before Wednesday April 8th 2015 by 11:55 pm. No applications received after that date and time will be acknowledged.

Submitted applications must be innovative and will be screened for submission to the Global Leadership Coalition (GLC). Four (4) proposals will be chosen to participate in a Leadership and Innovation Entrepreneurial Boot Camp in Bridgetown Barbados from May 1st through 3rd 2015. The selected individuals will further compete among other business concept notes form the Eastern Caribbean Countries.

After which ten boot camp semi-finalists from around the Eastern Caribbean will be mentored for over four (4) months from May to August and will be provided with entrepreneurship training for two (2) months July and August 2015.

The final two (2) finalists will showcase their work at the United Nations in September 2015 and at the Global Leadership Coalition’s First International Young Leaders Summit in October 2015.

Young persons are asked to take advantage of this opportunity to empower themselves and aid in the development of their community and country.


Your application MUST be accepted
You must be between the ages of 18 and 29 years old
You must have completed your secondary education and or be enrolled in or a graduate of a University, College of Technical Training School. Submit an application today for a chance to participate.
All travelling expenses will be covered by the Global Leadership Collation of the United States.



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  1. I want to believe that OTHER forms of advertising and other media were used to advertise this! I want to believe that MANY people knew about this and it isn't the first time that they are hearing about it (like mysef). smfh.

    This reminds me of an article SLNO posted recently whereby RISE etc were offering partial scholarships with a meeting carded for March 26 and a notice issued March 25. SMH.

    Assuming that SLNO is the only medium used to advertise this, OFCOURSE people will be suspect of these kinds of things. smh. OFCOURSE people will want to know if there's an agenda. I still can't believe the DEADLINE is TOMORROW!

    But that's how it goes sometimes, right? 'Better late than never.' HAHAHA. smfh


    • Who is Christine Wilson? In what capacity should she be emailed? Why not a for eg [email protected] gee mail dot com instead of an email address which seems to be that of a business? (no hate here). I just have so many questions. smh.


      • Was cracking this morning at a comment by a Nameless person on a Press Release sent by me to St. Lucia News Online. I just had to share it!
        "Who is Christine Wilson? In what capacity should she be emailed? Why not a for eg [email protected] gee mail dot com instead of an email address which seems to be that of a business? (no hate here). I just have so many questions. smh
        Basically it just looked like there was a Reading and Comprehension issue here.
        Just maybe the nameless person does not understand the concept of and not @ gee mail dot com. Then nameless this Call for Entrepreneurship is NOT for YOU!


        • LOL. LOL. Out of all the issues I brought up in my 2 comments, this is what you chose to address??!! I am very much aware of how gmail is spelt. I chose to spell it that way because I did not know if the example of the address I gave was an actual one and by putting right next to it, may have resulted in it opening up as a link. LOL. wow. this is so funny.


  2. Sad that the person/s behind this could not have advertised this early enough on social media. Come on, you are trying to reach youth for something that can help change lives in Saint Lucia. Deadline is tomorrow to set up concept note and then you will ask for business plan in one day? SMH


    • Dear Youth Advocate,
      Yes the press release was sent to ALL Media Houses, Newspaper and Television alike. However it would seem that there was way too many things happening which took priority to them than this one.
      As stated in my comment below they still have up to Friday to send the Concept note if they are interested.


  3. Story airs on the night of April 6, deadline of April 8 for submission of a business concept ... Wow ... Really!


  4. That is not making no sense (I might really sound bad but just read over the article n u just might see where I'm coming from)


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