NewsBusiness Leaders are told that COVID provides ‘An Imperfect Opportunity to Pivot’

St. Lucia News OnlineJuly 4, 202210862 min

Saint Lucia’s business sector is mulling over Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s invitation to consider that the COVID-19 pandemic has provided “an imperfect opportunity” for the country’s government and business planners “to pivot to a more relevant development paradigm.”

The Prime Minister, who offered the invitation while addressing the 137th annual general meeting of the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce on November 30, is of the view that “ our task is not only to live with COVID, but to triumph and transform in the face of crisis.”

The Prime Minister, who’s also responsible for Finance, Economic Development and the Youth Economy — and a former Minister for Tourism, Commerce and International Financial Services — told the nation’s business leaders that “returning to the economic status quo is not really a viable option for us, or the rest of the world.”

Instead, he advised the nation’s private sector representatives to consider that “today’s discussions” must be about “development of partnerships that will be designed and deployed in a brave new approach to national development.”

The Prime Minister welcomed “the dialogue and vital balance” provided by the exchange between the new government and the Chamber and called for private and public stakeholders to start working towards creation of “a broad economic and political philosophy that must be forward-looking.”

It was his first address to the Chamber as Prime Minister, the last occasion as Opposition Leader.

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