Business for sale (advertisement)

Business for sale (advertisement)

Established restaurant and bar, fully equipped, air-conditioned, located in Rodney Bay, near the Marina.

Contact number 758-461-1699.


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  1. There is not much loss in restaurant or any catering business. There are plenty of those all over the place. We need manufacturing businesses.


    • You are missing the point like most in the Saint Lucia Labour Party, manufacturing jobs are today based on technology. There is absolutely no integral technological education in secondary education today in Saint Lucia.

      The products or the outputs from our schools, none of which specializes in technology per se, can absorb the manufacturing technologies used by cutting-edge competitive production centres either in India or China

      Pay attention. India just recently announced that it intends to be an exporter of high-tech products rather than just being a place where such products are outsourced.

      SLP top-heavy with credentialed incompetent trouble-making lawyers are clueless about what is necessary for economic development for a SID, in the 21st century. The PM steeped in socialist perpectives, embracing the Cuban model and Castro's behaviours, plus like Education Minister "Fairty", just providing holding pens, with so-called "free education" till our young become old enough to leave these "schools", is so very irrelevant to this nation's needs. Therefore, he can continue to do his global travels till he walks with a cane, he will get all his rhetorical FDIs in his dreams.


  2. David, you are calling it right. The economy is collapsing right before our very own eyes. Businesses are closing one by one. Local investors are even taking their new investors OVERSEAS!

    The last one I know of, invested out of Saint Lucia and into Barbados!

    It signals that for all the SLP's usual shoot shate about Saint Lucia's rankings, and on the market steps, better know as 'Shoot Shate Central', we cannot even attract locals to invest here in Saint Lucia. What does that say to you? Better days?


    • You forget Stanley said every other month investors and would be investors coming to see him and they tell him talking to him is like a breath of fresh air.
      In case you come across any potential investors please direct them to Stanley, please. NOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!


  3. People are just fed up with this place if I was an investor looking on the outside I would not want to come to St Lucia its looks lovely looks great things can be wonderful but there's lots of work to be done... this small island needs to beef up security 100% and things attitudes need to change if not there is no point of anyone going there because you just gonna be hearing stories of.... the horrors we've been seeing lately....

    It just needs some strong will men to do some changing..... lately I been seeing the government partnering up with some of those countries where the leaders are known to be not so kind to they citizens ... where crime is on the rise or a daily thing with no real solutions and still you see them hand shaking and wanting to create partnerships I just don't get it....


  4. More business failures and closures will follow because the SLP's country bookies are hellbent on doing their damnest. They are grabbing as much as they ca. The writing is on the wall for better days.


        • I don't mind your explanation, good enough for me. But to call us from the other communities (outside of Castries), COUNTRY BOOKIE.......; shame on whoever it is regardless of political affiliation.
          These white bread addicts; grammatically incorrect; inbred sons of bitches, especially if they had a St. Mary's College or Convent education, believe that they are better than the rest of St. Lucia, irrespective of political colour.
          Believe me, these gutter urchins could never be better than us. In EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD we from the other districts of St. Lucia are far better than those Davids out there.
          Please note that I didn’t say “outdistricts”…… another insult.
          If you cannot see my point…. Then I see where you are coming from…. Very sad for St. Lucia


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