Bus driver loses control, crashes into lamp post at Sans Souci (video and photos)

By SNO Staff


A jammed brake pedal may have caused a bus driver to lose control of his vehicle and crash into a lamp post.

The mishap occurred around 11 a.m. Thursday, near the Labour Department office at Sans Souci, Castries.

An eyewitness said that the bus had one passenger who was trapped inside the vehicle.

Emergency officials responded promptly and had the injured man removed and transported to hospital.

“They had to cut the bus open to get the passenger out,” the eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online.

The driver, according to the eyewitness, sustained minor injuries to his leg.

The injured passenger being taken to an ambulance.

The injured passenger being taken to an ambulance.


The injured man about to be transported to hospital.

The injured man about to be transported to hospital.


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  1. It is madness to keave th safety and condition of the publice busses up to the individusal opersaters......ok.I was on a bust from Bay Gardens to rodny bay and i became aware of a mettle on mettle grinding loud noise every time the bus was coming to a stop.My god this is a commercial bus when was the last time you changed your brake shoe,when was the last time you had the vehicle inspected. So when you run off the road due to brake failure and kill and injure passengers it would be called an accident?? when in reality it should be manslaughter because the outcome of no/bad brakes is known beforehand.
    As much as i hate regulations the government should set up mandatory bust inspection as owners will always cut corners at the expense of their passengers.

  2. Its so amazing how quick we forget.
    Well done FIRE SERVICE, we know you working under pressure with limited man power.
    And MR. Minister, before you make blank statements based on what you hear on "news". Please do youw own investigations.

    • Yea thank goodness it wasn't a holiday/long weekend for the firemen to call in sick.Good job on them for being at their jobs.We need to thank people now for what they're paid to do?...Smh ah boy,tanto tanto!!!

  3. Get well soon kimmo n Hayden

  4. dont speculate...just thank the almighty that no one died and wish them a speedy recovery

  5. I will speculate that he was driving a bit too fast. I say this because if brakes don't work you simply ease off the gas, shift into a lower gear and get your hand brakes up. If your're going too fast around a bend that won't help one bit.

  6. Jammed by a beer bottle ?


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