Bullet still in victim’s head

Bullet still in victim’s head

capture-20150808-104117A computerized tomography (CT) scan has shown that a bullet is still lodged in the head of Nicholas William, relatives have told St Lucia News Online (SNO).

The 20-year-old Morne Du Don, Castries resident was shot in the head last Thursday in Bois Patat, Castries, shortly after 10 p.m.

Nicholas was treated and discharged from Victoria Hospital around mid-morning Friday, less than 12 hours after he was shot.

Relatives said they were told that there is nothing else they could do about Nicholas’s wounds, and upon discharging him, gave a list of the symptoms of head trauma and what to expect, while advising the family to return to the hospital if his condition worsens.

Nicholas was brought back to the hospital on Friday afternoon at about 5:30  – about five hours after his release – when his health deteriorated.

A CT scan was done on Nicholas at Tapion Hospital later that night and the results were obtained yesterday (Monday).

The victim’s sister, Shala William, told SNO that the scan shows that the bullet is lodged in the back of her brother’s head.

“I spoke to my sister. She says the doctor told her where it (the bullet) is, it can’t harm him.” she said.

But the family is puzzled as to why the hospital discharged Nicholas without a CT scan.

“I’m saying if the doctor knew it can’t be removed why we were not told about it. I don’t think they want to remove it… They say it can’t harm him,” Shala said. “We have to find out out from different specialists to see what can be done.”

The family initially believed the bullet was removed.

“When he was discharged, he was vomiting and in pain. When we brought him back, they ordered the scan to be done. We were not told the results. My sister went to Tapion and that’s how we found out. Yes, they said it was under the skin. My brother thought it was removed,” Shala added.

The family is hoping to get better info later today.

On the night of the shooting, Nicholas was reportedly listening to music on his headphones, under a tree, when gunmen fired several shots in his direction. The perpetrators carried out the attack from the back of the victims.

While two other males ran after the shots were fired, Nicholas didn’t, because according to his sister, he didn’t hear anything.

Nicholas fell after being shot in the head. He sustained bruises to his face as a result of the fall.

That shooting occurred just over an hour after gunmen opened fire on two young males in nearby Blackstars. One of the victims, Curtis Charlery, 18, of Morne Du Don died, while he other, Armani Paul, was admitted in critical condition.


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  1. Awa mesiay lewwe do something about our country. Lets clean it up , once i was robbef coming from work a night . The person was masked with a kercheif and long sleeeves an stuff . I tried to fight him off but then decided to let the bag go.It was upper rosehill i watched him go he did not even run . He went up bois patat , all the time i keep thinking who could this have been because he acted like he did not want to harm me. I relived that experience everyday until about two weeks later i heard they'd slash john john's throat for trying to rob somebody.Then and there i remembered my inçident and how the guys portion of his arm was fair although he tried his best to cover up himself .That moment i knew it was him ,we always hailed each other .Fellas stop robbing ppl we just like yall we eh hàve nun except the guts to get up and go get a job.


  2. Wow that is so sad ... Well ppl in St.Lucia if u all ain't got money for Tapion well I sorry for u all . Money talks


  3. First of all the Government eh give shit about anyone or anything in this place but themselves..jobs for their friends and family!! The Health Care System sucks!! Im so thankful that God was able to see me through in getting my young daughter out of this unclean evil place the land we once loved.. St.Lucia the land whose people were once nice...not anymore..everyone's just so selfish no one cares about anyone now these days but themselves...I love home honestly I do but keep away from the low mentality of our people and the evil that a lot of them believe in especially our young generation..i do pray that this place gets better....I can only hope for the best...but it looks like the best is yet to come..God bless St. Lucia!


  4. I maybe a victim. Those young men will rob me. But shooting and killing them is not on the same level as robbery. They're young and uneducated, they don't have ambition to earn a decent living. Everybody makes mistakes. I can never keep headphones in my ear after reading this news report.


  5. Everyone is bad talking VH yet still they cannot afford tapion. And the funniest thing is all the doctors that have office's at tapion also working at VH. We st.Lucian like to point and criticize to much. As for me Victoria I love you we need you.


  6. Sister I think the time u taking to wonder take that time and ask questions the doc don't need u, u need the doc. And we're u all born yesterday a gun shot in the head and u all are not requesting a ct scan. Look like u all laid back as the doc.


  7. Sum people never cease to amaze me with their gibberish comments.Always finding fault in every report.Y don' t you guys write the report your selves! Till then shut the fuck up idiots..


  8. So last comments person who are the robbers in bois patat i guess the bullet is still in his head your'll just quick to talk shate saying this and dat the almost rob me.the rob many and wat happen they just kill ten scents.cause they tried robbing him maybe he was fighting back.if it was my brother and da bullet still in his head i would ask the doctor to finish kill hill lord sorry but an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.i was just relaxing with his friends planning who will get rob next or who they will kill next.those young boys nothing good on their mind.but robbing ppl.they never thought curtis was robbing ppl either.dont put ur hand in fire for those boys.dough the gunmen did not have to kill them.cause it is also murder.all during the day they sleeping night time they out like a scout.will the rest of them in bois patat learn from that and the few in new village as well.i need to be a police officer so i can hold your'll rats one by one cause the police not trying nothing to hold your'll but all they want to do is wait for ppl to give them information smh on ur'll police officers in charge.


  9. I look at all these people with earphones walking around like zombies and think about incidences just like this guy suffered! Music playing so loud in his ears he didn't hear the gunshots!!


  10. As much as VH does make their errors at times...at the end of the day when you have a patient there you need to ask questions and let the doctors explain to you....most people feel like doctors more important than them so they afraid to ask questions. The guy got shot in the head he maybe confused etc. how can you take his word when he say the doctor said they removed the bullet. Ok they sent him home and said they cannot do anything but did the family ask further questions?? like what are they implying, was the bullet removed or not etc. I mean as bad as Vh may hv its faults sometimes we need to speak up for our health.


  11. I feel sorry for that young man. No one is going to help him especially if he has no money....


  12. I am so scared to move back to St . Lucia... I think I rather be buried here instead. Something went very wrong with the island. What happened to all that VAT money? Why can't the gov use that money to improve the health care system?


  13. St. Lucia is not affordable to live anyway. All this killing and murders that is going on are out of frustration, stress and poverty. The poor man got shot in the head and the hospital sent him home with a bullet in his head. Wow, those doctors should be ashamed of themselves. Victoria hospital is a butcher house, you go in and don't come out alive. Mr. PM why the V-hospital don't have a CT scan?


  14. Victoria hospital is a mess , one doctor told my father he doesn t have diabetes next day another one said he have choops. I think the government need to pay the doctors and nurses more Cuz it seems thats the reason they not doing their work.


  15. Find those two @ssholes and hang them on the nearest mango tree. If that was my son believe me I would find those two and show them Western justice.


  16. What kind of nonsense is this? St. Lucia woyyyyyyyy tun..... Bullet out, then bullet is still in... People are like animals here, aa.. Wowee... Misinformation everywhere


  17. Can you picture going through what this young man is going through?...Relaxing with your friends,then being shot at,going to the death chamber(Victoria Hospital),released by the death chamber(Victoria Hospital) ,suffering from headaches & then re-admitted only to find out the bullet is in your skull...I wonder what are the qualifications to get a job at the death chamber(Victoria Hospital),Because I can do what the nurses & doctors are doing by sending ppl home with untreated wounds.


  18. After -all coco give and take where's the communication between the doctors and family in this modern day and time st Lucia still doesn't have an updated or re-vamped health system? Boy who ain't dead badly wounded.


    • Except for a repeat of two words, where are the many errors? Is it me, or St. Lucians 1. act like they're perfect and don't make mistakes and 2. Read only to find fault (pick at every single thing) and not read to understand?


  19. this website has the laziest moderator ever!!!! Lets see how long you take to post this comment. a day?? and a half?? maybe?? If it gets posted at all. Choopz If you're going to try using international standard i suggest upgrading your moderating skills.


  20. The Police eh doing nothing about those lil idiots that robbing and killing people in bois patat, these young boys that eh have work to do but will rob hard working people. Yal know the usual suspects take them out, i behind your'll 100 percent.


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