Buju to do T&T show

Buju to do T&T show
Buju Banton
Buju Banton

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – INCARCERATED reggae singer Buju Banton will do his first concert, upon release from prison, in Trinidad and Tobago.

The announcement came yesterday from Jodian Ebanks, a member of the singer’s marketing team, at a media briefing held during the Love and Harmony Cruise aboard the Celebrity Summit vessel.

According to Ebanks, the concert will be held on April 22, 2019. The venue was not disclosed. She said a concert is scheduled for Jamaica at a later date.

“Buju is very excited about being on the road again. Jamaica is very special to him and he wants to be able to give his home country the type of concert it deserves,” said Ebanks.

“Trinidad was chosen as the dates, travel schedules, and all the other variables all came together for that time of year and was the best fit,” she continued.

Jamaica Observer was informed that some of the acts Buju Banton wanted to perform at the Jamaica concert were not available, so that is the reason why the organisers decided to do the Trinidad show first.

Ebanks said the reggae singer is looking forward to his release and the opportunity to make music for his fans.

Buju Banton (given name Mark Myrie) is currently completing a nine-year sentence at the McRae Correctional Facility in Georgia for a 2009 drug conviction. He is scheduled to be released on Saturday, December 8, 2018.

A Grammy-winning artiste, Buju Banton is known for songs including Make My Day, Champion, Driver A, and Til’ Shiloh. His Before the Dawn album was announced as the winner of Best Reggae Album in February 2011.


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  1. Free Buju....Good things....Big up buju...Buju coming out bigger and better....St.Lucia...What you say...Buju have a message....We need to hear.Free the Gagamel.


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