Building collapses in Soufriere (PHOTOS)

Building collapses in Soufriere (PHOTOS)

A wooden structure collapsed into a pile of rubble in the town of Soufriere on Tuesday afternoon (July 18), according to reports.

No one was injured.

The incident reportedly occurred after 4 p.m.

No further information is available at this time.


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  2. All them old buildings they should all collapse. Time for a renaissance look at the town as if time has stand still for Soufriere. Million dollar resorts some St Lucia most expensive are perched on top of hills over looking it and the town or it's people barley benefiting from them. Not even a tourist enhancement fund is set up to beautify the town since their business benefits directly because of this scenic location THE ABSOLUTE SHAME OF IT. Everyday you reading about their praises and accolades but what have they done for the Town of Soufriere you tell me ? Not even a Styrofoam Bus Stop they sponsoring. They provide employment but lets not kid ourselves how much these workers take home every fourth night their is little or no tickle down economics.


    • I understand your view on this, Infrastructure needs to be improved, however, tourists pass through the towns to get a feel of the island's culture, its history. It would not be wiser to modernize buildings for example as the island feel loses it's appeal. Refurbishing yes, but keep a historical look.


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    • Why do you keep posting random scripture with no explanation of what you are trying to bring forward, this is not helping any one. You probably don't even understand what you post here, please prove me wrong.


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