Bruceville man arrested by SSU with firearm and ammunition

Bruceville man arrested by SSU with firearm and ammunition
A firearm and ammunition (not the one mentioned in the story)

Another illegal firearm and a quantity of ammunition are off the streets of Saint Lucia.

Trevor Peter Donacien of Bruce, a 52-year-old resident of Bruceville, Vieux Fort, was earlier this week arrested and charged for the possession of a firearm and ammunition, according to a law enforcement official.

Reports that indicate that Special Services Unit (SSU) ‘south officers’, of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, were on a foot patrol in Bruceville, Vieux Fort, around 9:20 p.m. on Tuesday, when they noticed the alleged offender riding a bicycle towards their direction with no lights.

As a result, he was stopped by the officers who searched him and found a .40 Sig Sauer pistol with an undisclosed quantity of ammunition in his waist. The officers then arrested him.

He was on Wednesday, May 8 charged and taken to court where the magistrate granted him $5,000 bail on each charge, or suitable surety.

Donacien’s incident is the second report within two weeks of an illegal firearm being recovered law enforcement officials.

Michael Phillip Laurent, 30, of Grand Riviere, Gros islet was granted bail in the sum of $5,000 cash or suitable surety when he appeared in the First District Court on firearm-related charges, police said in a news release on Monday.

He was on Friday, May 3 charged with the possession of a firearm and ammunition without a valid license, police said.

He was caught with a .380 pistol and 10 rounds of ammunition on Wednesday, May 1, around 9 p.m., when officers from the Gros Islet Police Station searched him, according to law enforcement sources.

Reports are that Laurent was searched after police responded to a shooting in Grand Riviere, Gros Islet on Wednesday, May 1, which left one male individual nursing a gunshot wound to the leg.


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  1. what is surprising to me would be their ages, 52 and 30, these are grown ass men who should be at a mature enough level to know right from wrong. You see the youth get pressure for their behavior but the examples/directive come from somewhere and someone who is usually older. it goes to show our society needs work across the board. politicians have proven throughout the years to be useless, the only way forward is for us as black people to come together in our community groups and raise our children together, create an environment in which no child is left out. i believe that only through unity in community and really working together can we move forward and make the needed changes.


  2. People asked for decent housing. Way and behold. The SLP gave them ghettos everywhere. The SLP created more ghettos in Saint Lucia during the time in power than in all the previous years before their time.

    Bruceville and Grynberg are the poster children for SLP brain power. Just absolute brilliance.

    What a blasted achievement for our so-called educated and credentialed university graduates!


    • Yes the SLP should only be accredited for the bad things in St.Lucia and UWP did all the good things. Even the record 60 murders in 2017 has SLP fault even though the UWP was in power at that time.


  3. Good job guys ?, continue to arrest and prosecute these hooligans, for unlicenced Firearms.Our Streets will be safer with less crimes.


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