Bruceville house under construction appears to be slowly sinking

Bruceville house under construction appears to be slowly sinking
The house was 4 to 5 high on pillars.
The house was 4 to 5 high on pillars.

(SNO) – A wall house in Bruceville, Vieux-Fort, sized 34 X 33, and between 4 and 5 feet from the ground on pillars, sank yesterday, prompting calls by contractors for government to enforce stricter building codes on the island.

The owner of the house, who is overseas, hired a local man to build the house.

But according to the builder, Rudy Delice, the building sank because of the softness of the soil on which the house is being built.

“It’s not my fault the house sank…” he told this reporter.

Delice said he had recommended to the owner of the house that the foundation be back-filled, but his recommendation was not accepted because of financial constraints on the part of the owner.

According to Delice, the house, which is 50 percent complete, was built according to its plan and within the budget of its owner.

Delice said he has built a number of big houses over the years, adding that this is the first time he has had such a terrible experience.

In the meantime, he is pondering ways to correct the problem.

However, another contractor who said he has vast experience in building, told this reporter that the house sank because of its poor foundation.

A number of other contractors say such an incident will continue to happen as long as government does not enforce stricter building codes in St. Lucia.

“The government needs to get harsh on builders and the owners of houses who build houses anyhow and anywhere. Builders build houses on soil without testing it and this needs to stop…” a contractor said.


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  1. When the people overseas higher people based on hear say and have no concrete proof of the builders integrity. When you overseas make sure you have someone credible to construct ND also someone to supervise your business for you.

    These contractors Milk you when they know you overseas. A $50000 job turns into a $120000 job in 60 seconds.


  2. LOL. What a poor excuse for a builder not getting certified ground analysis. So you told the owner that the ground is too "soft" yet you still went ahead with the construction? You deserve to be sued. Where is your professional integrity? You will then build anything for money not caring about the repercussions to life and limb. Suppose some of your workers were killed in that structure when it sank? I suspect that you have cut many corners in the past if you were willing to ignore what you claim was a very unstable soil foundation. I wonder if you have insurance.


  3. LOL. No Engineer involve. Lovely. Way to go. A bunch of men who call themselves contractors building houses. Did they ever go school or have a certificate for building? And who drew the house. An architect. Another set who feel there is no need for engineers. Gwan along all of u. All u gv a drafts man 2,500 to draw a house for u and then pay builders ridiculous sums of monies to build. But would nvr get Civil Engineer's advice. Niceee


    • yes uh thats why the thing has to go to planning so planning would have seen all those things but the owners of the houses are cheap and as the story said he had warned and advised the owner but the owner never listened now he or she will lose the entire house. smdh that owner of the house must be from England thats why they playing cheap


  4. Simple fix, use rope strong enough, fish it through under the house, get a come-along "ek come-ahlong chewy" be sure to say the "ahh" in ahlong. And voila, problem solved, no rocket science.


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