Bruceville house goes up in smoke, relative suspects foul play

Bruceville house goes up in smoke, relative suspects foul play

A dwelling house in Bruceville, Vieux-Fort was this morning (Thursday, April 5, 2018) extensively damaged by fire.

Fanned by strong winds, the fire completely destroy the contents of the wooden structure which had electricity.

The owner of the house, Daniel Dupigny, a craftsman, was not at home at the time of the fire. The building had also housed his workshop.

According to leading fire oofficer, 363 Serieux, the fire service received the alarm about 10:45 a.m. but when they arrived at the seen the building was extensively damaged and all its content completely destroyed.

Fire officials say the cause of the fire is unknown and they are currently investigating the matter. However, a family member of the owner said she believes it was an act of arson, adding that it is not the first time someone had attempted to burn down the house.

The family member fears that she will suffer the same fate and as such plans to relocate. She lives a few metres from the house that was on fire.

This family member expressing anger with what had happened..


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  1. Sharon and Anonymous you guys are both idiots. If you read the article nothing was said about electricity or the fire being started by electricity. Yet the first comments out your mouths is electricity gouging. Classic example of reading pictures and not words. Fudging idiots!


  2. Electricity Gouging...Thiefing electricity....Adding wires and connecting electricity to their house a whole heap of illegal shit....And also Arson,political Harvoc..


  3. It's time lucelec start a campaign on all those illegal connections these people are endangering the general public and lucelec is not stopping them


    • St Lucians you all need to read and understand before making those comments. No wonder we allowing the country to under, where in the article was stealing electricity mentioned? We need to read carefully especially the ill deals by government thats shaping us to sink.


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