Marchand brothers charged with businessman’s homicide

Marchand brothers charged with businessman’s homicide

Two brothers have now been charged in connection with the homicide of a Castries businessman.

Police said on Thursday, Donavan Ismael, 17, of Marchand, Castries is the second individual to be charged in connection with the fatal shooting of Joseph Stanislaus Pistol.

The incident occurred around 8 p.m. on Wednesday, March 13.

His brother Rueben Ismael, 19, of Marchand was arrested and charged on April 27.

Donavan was ordered remanded in custody at Bordelais Correctional Facility when he appeared in court today (Thursday). Reuben was also remanded when he appeared in court last month.

Pistol, also known as Colomn, Mr. Brown and Stan, was a contractor, as well as proprietor of Kross Roads Minimart in Cedars.

Stan Pistol (left)

He was shot and killed during an alleged robbery at his business place, reportedly carried out by two male individuals.

Police said Pistol was shot multiple times.


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  1. 2 more are missing the actual gun slinger who did the shooting is missing there was more than 2 of them officers please get them get the other two please the two brothers didn't do it on their own


  2. From time Ruben was living beausejour by his aunty he troublesome ,check what he got himself and his brother into smh .


  3. The people who blame single parent households for the a$$holeness going on in the minds of criminals or who blame "young mothers" for crime.... let me ask you this? How old were your great grand parents when they had ypur parents? Have you ever studied cases of serial murders who came from rich, two-parent households? Smh. One's affinity to criminal behavior comes from more than just the home you grew up in. It is the result of several failures form multiple facets of our society!


    • Statistically, most criminals come from single parent mother homes. Naming some serial killers who come from nuclear homes, which is not the norm, doesn't change that fact. Someone being born in a single parent home is not doomed to this criminal lifestyle. But they have a higher likelihood of becoming criminals.


  4. jusso yall killing the hard working man .. smfh
    instead yall go n kill ppl tht actually worth sending home lol
    now dh yall stick :v


  5. They should be hanged by their necks until they are dead. May God bless their souls.


  6. It is just so sad to know that those two young men could stoop so low. The devil has taken over the minds/lives of our unsupervised youth. If their parents are dead ,then, they must be very angry with life on the whole.
    I am sorry but I feel more piety for them than the family of the dead man. That situation is too sad for the records.


  7. Both of them Should be Executed .Kill the innocent man for no reason at all .And Lawyers will Defend these two fools in Court


  8. salbet yall see whats happening to our young men of course and if chastanet or anybody in authority comes and speak about it come and speak the truth about it yall want o get vex


  9. Their mother must be very proud of them what a darn shame. When some of us see our children coming home with things we did not buy them especially things you cannot afford it is our duty to ask where in the hell did it come from but no some of us share it with them so look it. No $5000.00 bail on remand and when the case gone to trial in the next ten years if it ever get there they both need the death penalty period. The little vagabonds took a husband, father, brother, uncle,and friend away so why should they live. Exactly what the Prime Minister talking about and you all mother 4kers getting upset too many bebe kids and that's the truth.


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