Brothers charged for late-night robbery of food vendor

Brothers charged for late-night robbery of food vendor

Brothers Brad and Lance Willie have been committed to stand trial for the late night robbery of one Donovan Sloughie of Castries who operates a food truck on the Gros Islet Highway in front of the Daher Building.

On July 31, 2012, Sloughie drove home and after he parked his vehicle, stayed inside as he was on the phone.  After concluding his phone call, Sloughie exited and locked his vehicle and made his way to his house which was a few meters away.

While walking, he heard someone say “Pass it.”  He turned and saw a young man with a rag over the bottom half of his face wielding a cutlass.  He ran and the young man pursued him.  While running he felt a sharp pain to his back, he tripped and fell to the ground.  While on the ground he felt himself being searched.  He turned and saw the young man standing over him, he noticed two other men in the vicinity.

Sloughie got up and ran, and again he felt a sharp pain in his back.  He then turned and pretended to have a firearm in his possession; the perpetrators sought cover behind a lamp post.  The light was functioning and he saw two of the men remove their masks as they observed him from a distance.

After they fled, he called an ambulance, but after waiting a few minutes, drove to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

Police were summoned and Sloughie was able to describe the two men he saw clearly and gave their names to police as he recognised them from previous associations.  He was not able to give a clear description of the third perp.

The two men were arrested and picked out of a line-up by Sloughie on August 24, 2012.  They were identified as the brothers Brad and Lance Willie.

The two young men both denied involvement in the crime, and one brother is expected to enter an alibi statement, claiming to have been hospitalised at the time of the incident.

The two men were on bail, however Justice Francis Cumberbatch was not satisfied with the bail conditions for Lance, and ordered him held pending compliance with new conditions, which includes a cash or land secured bail amount, and surrender of all travel documents to the registrar.


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  1. A common fantasy is score with sisters. A jailbird sitting in prison is now fantasizing scoring with those brothers. Hope they spend a long time in jail and hope they have a err...romantic time.


    • No one knows what criminal activity you may have committed.
      Be-careful, you may just find yourself parading like a clown in front of the cameras.


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