Broader horizons for Black Bay Farmers

Broader horizons for Black Bay Farmers

Agriculture continues to be an important livelihood in rural communities in Saint Lucia. As such, Export Saint Lucia has been placing enormous focus on the sector to improve rural livelihoods. The Black Bay Farmers’ Cooperative recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Export Saint Lucia to help build capacity.

CEO of Export Saint Lucia, Ms. Sunita Daniel, emphasized that it is an opportunity to broaden horizons for the farmers and Saint Lucia.

“We know that there is tremendous agriculture production in the country and when we go out into external markets, we see that there is an increase in demand for various agricultural produce. So plan to share that information to help build the capacity of Black Bay Farmers, so they can reach these export markets. That will in turn result in improved livelihoods and an increase in income.”

President of the Black Bay Farmers’ Cooperative, Mr. Earlike Sadoo said the partnership would give farmers a much-needed sense of security.

“This is a step forward for Black Bay Farmers. If everything goes according to plan, the Black Bay Farmers will be able to export agricultural produce. What this does for the farmers is give them a sense of security. Knowing that there is a market, they can increase production without any reservation.”

General Manager of the Laborie Cooperative Credit Union, Mr. Lucius Ellevic, said the move will result in increased returns.

“This is in keeping with building a strong community economy. If Export Saint Lucia can help Black Bay Farmers be export ready and provide the avenue to access external markets, that will result in greater production and greater returns for our farmers.”

The MOU may also encourage more individuals to get involved in the agriculture sector.


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