British star athlete gushes over Saint Lucia — “The island is beautiful”

British star athlete gushes over Saint Lucia — “The island is beautiful”

(SNO) — Former British competitive swimmer and double Olympic gold medallist, Rebecca Adlington, has good words to say about Saint Lucia following a sun-soaked 30th birthday trip to the island recently.

The Olympic champ stayed at the St. James’s Club Morgan Bay during the trip and described the island as beautiful.

“From stunning sunsets and a sailing adventure to pool and beach time together, our stay at St James’s Club Morgan Bay has been a fab way to celebrate my birthday and create more memories,” she was quoted as saying by British newspaper, Daily Mail. “The island is beautiful.”

She was accompanied on the trip by her daughter Summer and boyfriend, Andrew Parson.

Rebecca Adlington is a multiple Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European medalist.

She competed in four Olympic finals, over two Games, winning two gold and two bronze medals in Beijing and London, respectively.

She broke the world record in the 800m freestyle in 2008, which at that time was standing for 19 years.


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  1. G.W
    We cant gloss over the crime problems in St Lucia by saying "there is crime all over the world". That means we will accept the status quo of crime and relegate ourselves to the pirates of the Caribbean. Not every Caribbean country has the kind of crime rate that St Lucia has. Like for example Barbados (slightly larger population) and Grenada (slightly smaller population) both have remarkably lower crime rate and murder rates than St Lucia. We need to ask the question: why is it that Jamaica, St. Lucia, T&T have such high criminality? What do these countries have in common? What does Grenada, Barbados have in common that St. Lucia does not? Dig deeper and stop the nonesense about crime is all over the world.


  2. am so glad you said this Rebecca cause the British press will read about it and stop trying to paint a dark picture of the island about crime when all over the world has crime. its unfortunate these things happen but that does not define who we are by ur negative press.


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