British-St. Lucian woman wants answers to her house break-in

British-St. Lucian woman wants answers to her house break-in
Camilla Walter
Camilla Walter
Camilla Walter

A London woman has revealed how she came home from a holiday in St. Lucia to find her house in a complete mess after being broken into.

Camilla Walter, who lives in Tooting, Southwest London, said she was in total shock and disbelief when she opened her front door to find her property in shambles.

“The house was in a state and I cried when I saw it that way,” said Walter, who was visiting her family in the village of Choiseul for a couple of months early this year. “The suitcase containing all my important documents was prised opened after it had been rummaged through.

“Quite a lot of my appliances were damaged. My house was in a deplorable state. I have not been able to sleep. A lot of my utensils were stolen.

My fridge was damaged as well as my cooker, dishwasher, kettle, toaster and my two electric fans. Other items damaged are my Hoover, amplifier, Big Chef (cooking utensil). A lot of wires were removed from quite a lot of my electric items. They took the plugs away.

My kitchen cupboard was damaged. The wires under the cupboard were cut open and this affected the electricity in my house. I had to call the gas and electric emergency services since my house was in darkness. They came to assist me. This could have caused electric shocks if I wasn’t careful.”

Walter, 63, who is originally from St. Lucia and has been living in London for the past 30 years, said she has written to the Prime Minister, Theresa May, since she is not getting much help from the Metropolitan police after reporting the break-in to them.

“A police officer was sent to see me immediately after the burglary. I was explaining things to him and he was not taking any notice of what I was saying to him. I took him round the house and pointed out the damages to him. He did not take down any notes and show very little interest in what I was showing him,” said Walter, a mother of five grown-up children.

Walter, who lives alone after her husband passed away a few years ago, said all the entry points to the house were in order and believe that the break-in was an inside job.

“The windows and doors were intact and was not damaged.The police told me that this was most likely an inside job. Someone with keys is responsible for carrying this out as the house was not broken in from the outside. I have not stopped crying. ‘How can you trust anyone these days?’ I am still overwhelmed by what transpired in my house while I was away.

“I heard from the Prime Minister and she told me that she has passed on my letter to the Home Office which will be dealing with it. I have also written to my local MP and I am waiting to hear from her in due course.

“I want those responsible caught and be brought to justice. I need some closure and I will not stop until I get it,” said the former Choiseul resident whose late uncle Euzebe A. Lawrence was a former police commissioner in St. Lucia. “I hope the police will resume a full investigation into this. I need them to before it’s too late. They need to get to the bottom of this.”


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  1. This break and entry may not have been carried out by someone close to her but whoever did this knew about her comings and goings. And with so much of our lives on Facebook our friends are not the only ones privy to our business. Also, whenever keys are lost in a public place, for peace of mind and security it is best to change the locks. When you give a set of keys to someone and the relationship broke up with animosity change the locks. Also when you give someone a spare set of keys for safe keeping, ensure that you do not have a tab with your name and address on it, instead gives it a number or letter. This is another way you can be made vulnerable by a third party getting access to your keys. Unfortunately because it is costly, not many of us change our locks when we have compromised our security.

    All the same, this is a despicable lesson in ruination! In the past, it was common for spiteful individuals with sick minds to break and enter and after stealing would smear the place with excrement and daub racist remarks on the walls! This violation would make the police and other authorities take the homeowner predicament seriously and give them assistance. This break-in and vandalism, though bazaar and distressing is likely to be seen as just another burglary, and burglary is not high up on the crime list.

    I hope she has household insurance to recoup some of her loss. The feeling of violation will take time to heal.


  2. You mum is so loving how can we do her that ...who don't no her can say what they want ....that person will pay for it in a long to jealousy...for so long you all living in a country you don't have nothing....that little house really burn you all ...but my mum is a very strong lady god will bless her....and she will get back on track back...she will not go back word she will continue you going forward...mummy we love you so much ...don't let people word bring you down....and tell he or she to come and investigate us as so as possible we waiting.


  3. Come on the woman has a right. So are we saying it's ok to break and enter. St.Lucians are ignorant and sad to say we had to Nobel prize winners. Wonder how that happen. Because we are supposed to be thinking a lot more positive.


  4. So I am sorry to hear about the robbery. And I am more sorry about the unprofessionalism of the police IF this was reported accurately. If his investigation was so sloppy, how do we know it was indeed an inside job?

    However leaving your home empty for a prolonged period of time is carelessness. Have a relative or friend to sleep in the house - or at least let the neighbour go and check on it. In many cases repatriates trust no one.

    We have repatriate neighbours - they don't tell us when they are leaving for months or returning. They don't even what to say Good Morning. Nonsense. We just see lights on and we hope that it is them and not thieves. If they are sick or dead, we would never know until they start stinking.


    • What would you do if you were in a similar situation? The lady has every right to speak out about this evil act. She is in a stressful situation right now and if talking about it helps then so be it. They say a problem aired is a problem halved. She needs all the help that is available out there so she can get some form of closure. She needs justice served as well.
      If you have nothing good to say then say nothing. SNO did her a great service by featuring her story. How would we know had SNO not featured her story? SNO deserves full credit for featuring the story in the first place.
      I hope the authorities in the UK are taking notes. They should now put this case on the front burner. The publicity will no doubt help bolster Camilla's chances of this happening now. The people of Choiseul and beyond empathize with her. Camilla is a Choiseulian and in Choiseul, we look after our own.I Hope it gets better for her from now onwards. You deserve better Cam.If anyone does it's you.


    • Your response from all indications confirms indeed that we are a nation with an "indifference" to crime. Talk about the lady complaining too much, but that her goods and "who feels it knows it."


  5. So what has that to do with us in St.Lucia

    So what has that to do with us in St.Lucia? Why don't you make a report to your local police station? We cannot help you from down here, if you need help please set up a Go Fund Me page to buy back your utensils and appliances sorry. Just my two cents


    • You are so insensitive. With people like you living here, I can understand why the crime rate is so high. It has everything to do with us in St. Lucia. You have probably never experienced the violation of our privacy by those dirty criminals who come into people's homes and take what you worked so hard for. Sometimes I feel that our society is one with double standards who never want advice from outside. What a sad day.


    • You shut ur mouth. Some of u all st.lucians are disgusting n too bius. She is a typical st.lucian, n if an incident like this occurred at her house while she went n visit her family, st.lucia what's wrong in that she can't complain. Picture ur self in her position, which you will never be to have ur house, n all what a woman needs, and some did that to you, how would you feel n would you keep it to your dam self. Well this is a shick, n this is torture. When things do happen to us or whoever, pray n co/operate for Christ sake. Don't make comments saying stop complaining. Well today is hers tomorrow might be some one else's own who knows. All I know whoever did this to her was a former of jealously n whoever did it will pay for the consequences.


  6. This is such awful news. This lovely lady has been through a lot. She went to England a long time ago for a better life. Her husband who also went to London in the 60's passed away. She is a widow and a devoted mum to her children. How could they do this to her? People are so cruel in this world. The police don't really care and will do little to bring those responsible to justice. There have been quite a few cases in London where the police do jacksheet and the case gets lost in the system. I hope this one isn't one of them.
    Cam is a good woman. She needs support right now. I wish you well cam. The people of Choiseul will be thinking of you right now.


    • Shut up sticking mouth. She is not expecting any thing in return from any one. Some thing like this happened to you, he'll yes you will make a report to higher authorities. This lady is a well known st.lucia n have been residing in london. She accomplished what ever she wanted too. So in a situation like this if you can't say any thing good just stay out of da site. People like you inviting crimes in st.lucia. No wonder.


  7. ....and she wrote to the prime minister as if to say she have time for you. With all the bombings and important world affairs is you she has time for next time you going back home don't tell people your business.


  8. The police can only assist you , when you give them the tools they need to investigate this matter,. You and i know that you have a strong idea who did this to you, so give the police all the relevant information you have that might lead to the culprit .=== STARE NO ONE, THEY DO NOT LIKE YOU .===


  9. For we speak as messengers approved by God to be entrusted with the Good News. Our purpose is to please God, not people. He alone examines the motives of our hearts.

    – 1 Thessalonians 2: 4


  10. I have known Camilla for a very long time. She is a wonderful lady from the village of Choiseul. This break in is the talk of South London. She has been through a lot. Imagine coming from holiday and to be faced with something like this. That cannot be easy.
    The police in the UK have a tendency to view every ethnic person as a suspect even when they are the victims of crime.They show very little interest when the victim is black and that is a fact.The fact that she had to write to the PM says a lot. The police are not doing their job. I can only contend that this is an inside job - No doubt.It has all the hallmarks.

    According to this report, the house was not broken into from outside, so it must be an inside job. Someone with keys is responsible. Who did she leave her keys with while on holiday? Did she take her keys with her? She would have had to leave her keys with someone to keep an eye on the place. There have been reports that some burglars have special keys that can open any door. I wonder if this is the case. Her appliances were damaged. Knowing her I doubt she would be owing anyone money. She likes to pay her bills on time.

    Whoever did this may have had a vendetta against Camilla, perhaps an old boyfriend she may have kicked to the curb.(just speculating) I do feel sorry for her. This could be sheer jealousy as well. I mean Camilla is a good looking woman. I heard that the police are looking at a few suspects from the area and have already questioned someone in connection with this.
    No one has a right to do the things they did to this lady's property and belongings. Her 5 children are all in St Lucia.They won't be happy to hear what has happened to their mother. No one would.I hope the Met Police will be able to find those responsible. Hope they get banged up!
    Camilla please stay strong and don't worry.I hope you recover from this nasty ordeal very soon. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.


  11. If there is no break and enter anywhere she must consider the person's to whom she has given her house keys.


  12. If not one of her children is some one very close to the family that is not an out side job i pray that you ni who soon


  13. I really hope that this is sorted out and the people responsible are brought to justice, although I think she knows who is responsible after all she should know who has keys to her place right? However, what is the relevance of pointing out that her late Uncle was a former Police Commissioner? Does that mean she should get special treatment from the police?


  14. An inside job? Does this woman have staff? So her appliances were damaged but not stolen and 'wires 'were taken. All I can say is umm....


  15. My thoughts exactly. This is personal. And I think she has an idea who did it she just doesn't want to believe it


        • Am one of her daughter...we don't --- live can you say is us..get your -- right straight.


          • Tell Them like it is Impress Tara. You and your siblings are all in St Lucia. You lot can never be responsible for this cruel act. You all love and care for your mother very much.
            I am so sorry to hear about this. I hope Cam can pull through this and get her life back in order. London can be such a cruel place.Hope the police can get to the bottom of this and bring those responsible to book. Good luck!


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