British- St Lucian Tai Chi Champion to do movie about UK Aristocrat Lord Glenconner in Soufriere

British- St Lucian Tai Chi Champion to do movie about UK Aristocrat Lord Glenconner in Soufriere
Michael Jacques.
Michael Jacques.

A sun-kissed island in the Caribbean, a haughty princess and her eccentric English aristocrat friend who leaves his entire fortune to his penniless manservant — not to mention a pet elephant and a hoodoo curse.

You could hardly dream up a better scenario for a film and now a few months after 19-year old Cody Tennant took the first legal steps to challenge the will of his colourful grandfather Lord Glenconner, who died leaving everything to his valet Kent Adonai, just such a movie script is being penned.

The idea comes from Michael Jacques, a London-based St Lucian property owner who himself has a bit part in the whole sorry saga. He claims he was cheated out of much of his land by Glenconner.

He has written a BOOK ON ‘The Fallen Bud ‘ and is now being worked into a screenplay.

The script is being written by Sareera Kerdsawang, who contributed illustrations for Jacques’s book. ‘Sareera is also a FILM SCHOOL graduate,’ says Jacques, 57, who won back the rights to the house he let to Glenconner but lost the rights to 11 acres of land.

Jacques says he sees someone like Sir Anthony Hopkins playing Glenconner with Dame Helen Mirren reprising her royal acting pedigree in the role of the Queen’s sister. The part of BUPA the elephant has not been cast. ‘I think it will be a great story for Hollywood,’ Jacques said.

Colin Tennant and Princess Margaret.

“I took time out to write this book to tell my side of the story and how I was tricked by this man. I now intend to turn it into a film so people can see for themselves what this aristocrat was all about. He took my land I intend to use all legal means to get back my land.”

Last month, it was revealed, Cody — now the 4th Baron Glenconner — did a deal with Kent where they will share the estate.

Glenconner bequeathed an estate worth £20 million to Kent, near the Pitons in Soufriere.

The Book ‘The Fallen Bud ‘ is out now. To Order please contact: 0044 7956 913437


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  1. Wow! That was very well put together. You could not have said it any better. This is a book review in itself. You reviewed this better than other reviews out there. You have done this poor guy justice with the way in which you lambasted these people especially the lawyers.

    What you said about them is so true. They are indeed greedy. They are out to get all what they can from you. I have had my experiences with them and this is why I studied law and now I am able to do any legal work that needs doing by myself.. No more money grabbing lawyers for me.

    Otherwise I enjoyed reading this illuminating piece. Well said and written.I wish Jacques well in his endeavours and hope he succeeds. Good luck!


  2. its no drama. these white people go to small island and within minutes establish themselves with land and house calling themselves lords. lets go back to slavery . thats how they got all the land and made our forefathers slaves. the st.lucian should get his land back. why should the english man get it. this would never happen back in their country. we people to afraid of white people. stand your ground. run them off your land. put the fear of god in have my support jacques


  3. I have been following this story in the British press for quite a while now. It was only a matter of time before a proposition was put forward to turn this whole saga into a movie.

    The late Colin Tennant was an old colonial who behaved like he owned the Caribbean.He was cocky and arrogant. He left the island of Mustique where he sought refuge for many years to settle in St Lucia.He immediately bought his way through St Lucian society like most Europeans and North Americans do when they land on these shores.

    Michael Jacques,a black Briton have for a long time been trying to get his property back from Tennant. He is trying to get justice from the St Lucian courts but to no avail. The case has been dragging on for many years. This poor bloke must have spent a fortune on legal fees and nothing has come out of it by the looks of it.

    Before Colin Tennant aka Lord Glenconner passed away 4 years ago he bequeathed everything to his valet Kent Adonai - Everything including the land that Jacques is disputing. According to the UK papers Jacques hired quite a few lawyers to represent him and not one of them did a good job. They all done a hatchet job. They were all cowboys.

    These unscrupulous and unprincipled lawyers in St Lucia will do anything to get a fast buck.Most of them have no morals and are untrustworthy. They are double-dealing scumlords unfit to be sent on legal errands.

    One of the first lawyers Jacques hired is now a senator in the parliament and to top it off this dishonourable man jumped ship to represent the new Lord Glenconner, namely Cody Tennant. He worked on securing a deal for the young Tennant. The many acres of land that was left to Kent By Colin Tennant must now be shared equally. If this is not a conflict of interest then I do not know what is.

    That book should make interesting reading about this dispute which has been going on for many years now. Most of it have been serialized in the British tabloids.Jacques leaves no stones unturned as he throws the kitchen sink at these morally depraved and deceitful scumbags.They have no shame and ought to be put out to dry. They have treated this young man of St Lucian origins abominably and atrociously.

    The case is still ongoing and according to the Mail Jacques is now planning to represent himself. Who can blame him after all what he has gone through with these rotten lawyers in St Lucia? These unequivocally detestable cretins are the ones representing us in parliament. They are the very ones debating and passing all laws.

    The legal establishment in St Lucia stood out against Jacques mainly because he stood up to Colin Tennant, something they could not do because they are all puppets and stooges and most of all they could have been bought by this elusive and slimy aristocrat.Despite all this Jacques in my opinion have carried himself impeccably well. Someone else may well have resorted to other means to get what is rightfully theirs back.Having tried the legal route and being failed miserably by these gluttonous vultures can send anyone up the wall. They were not interested in representing Jacques, no they were not. They were only interested in his money. They milked the poor bloke -they took him to the cleaners.

    Now Jacques has written a book which will eventually be turned into a film. Let's hope this biopic tells a good tale. This saga has been going on for far too long now and it's about time the truth comes out. I applaud Jacques for having the temerity and courage to tell his story to the world about the injustice he suffered at the hands of an aristocrat and his cohorts -the morally perverse legal establishment. Tell it like it is Jacques. You have my support and that of the many other St Lucians who have been wronged and under-represented by this lot.You go Sir.


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