UPDATED: British sailor missing in Saint Lucia

UPDATED: British sailor missing in Saint Lucia
Roy Boughton ( Photo courtesy The Daily Mail)

(SNO) — A search is underway for a 72-year-old British man who was last seen boarding his vessel in Saint Lucia on November 15, according to The Daily Mail.

The man, identified as Roy Boughton, is a sailor from Liverpool but is reported to have visited Rodney Bay Marina in Saint Lucia, the Mail reported.

He was last seen leaving in a dinghy at the Rodney Bay Marina and concerned friends reported him missing, the Mail further reported.

The Saint Lucia Marina Police have been searching for the British national.

“Searches have also been done from the air. Boughton owns two yachts. Both were searched but no blood or signs of distress were found,” an officer was quoted as saying by The Sun (UK).

Boughton reportedly arrived in Saint Lucia on a Thursday afternoon and was drinking at one of the Rodney Bay Marina bars with other sailors from a mega yacht, according to the Mail.

“When they had finished their drinks, Mr Boughton allegedly fell outside on a pavement. Some asked for Mr Boughton, who appeared out of sorts, to be put up in a room for the night. Yet he is said to have been helped onto his dinghy, which was started for him before he left the marina’s dock. He has not been seen since,” the Mail reported.

A message posted on his blog yachtguidinglight.blogspot.com on November 22 reads: “Roy Boughton, the author of this blog, went missing on 15th November 2018. This is a message from his sister Lynne: For all Roy’s friends who may visit this page:-Thank you for asking sailors far and wide to look out for Roy and for your concern. As yet there is still no news or sightings, the coastguard have had an air and sea search going on today. We hope and pray for a happy outcome. Will post any further news here as well as contacting others. Anyone with any information should contact the Coastguard or the UK Foreign Office.”


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