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British Army recruiting soldiers from the Commonwealth

By PR News Wire

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PRNewswire – Commonwealth nationals may now apply for a number of specialist roles in the British Army thanks to new rules introduced by the government.

The British Army has welcomed soldiers from Commonwealth countries for many years; however, under previous rules people could only join if they had lived in the UK for five years.

Commonwealth nationals will now be able to apply for positions including Medical Technician, Logistic Supply Specialist, Chef, Vehicle Mechanic, Metalsmith and Gunner Logistics Specialist.

General Chris Tickell, General Officer Commanding, Army Recruiting and Training Division, said: “We are delighted that key roles have been opened up to people from across the Commonwealth who are non-resident in the UK. The service given by soldiers from Commonwealth countries helps the Armed Forces to defend the UK at home and abroad, and we look forward to welcoming more Commonwealth recruits following the introduction of the new regulations.”

A specialist commonwealth recruiter spokesperson said: “We’re looking for candidates that are physically fit, can communicate well in both written and spoken English and can self-fund travel to the UK to attend one of the Army development and selection centres. Full details of the Army recruitment and selection process can be found on the Army website at HERE

For more information about how people from the Commonwealth can apply for the Army without UK residency, visit HERE

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  1. Hi is this just about the regular? What about the TA?

  2. i have read a lot of scary comments about this mmmmm .im scared but can africans apply too?

  3. I applied as a commonwealth citizen in April(2016),after 11 months of waiting(having sent medical documents,etc)I still have not received word from my assigned candidate support manager...after numerous calls and emails i still dont know the status of my application!!!WTF To that?

  4. Serving with Pride

    Ladies and Gentleman who want to join a bit of honest advice from a serving soldier of 14 years .

    Do not let anyone make up your mind on this for you.I will tell you now ,it is not for everyone ,it is hard and mentally challenging.You will get wet,very cold ,hungry,tired and wish you never done this but it is necessary to go through this distress for when you go on a battlefield it will be far worst than that.

    You will get shouted at,treated like crap but fairly,please dont take it to heart.Again when you are fighting in war it will become apparent why you went through this.

    In 14 years got married,built my mom a house ,bought property in SLU and now buying property in the UK and I am a British citizen while still keeping my St.Lucian passport.When I retire in 8 years time I can come to SLU and not have work for anyone ever again.

    What does SLU have to offer a young man or woman now apart form seel weed and cocaine,prostitution and work for minimum wage. My advice to you is to sign up and make something better of yourself and dont listen to people on here who have no clue what they are saying.

    I wish you best of luck.

    • Hey good morning. I want to knw how long the process takes for a person who apply outside the uk to start phase 1 training. And when is the next intake date?

  5. Young men you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. If God be with you who can be against you.
    If that's what you feel lead to do, go for it, do what you have to do my man. Half a loaf is better than no bread, I know of guys who are and who were in the Army and did great things.

    Be all you can be!

    Prove them wrong.

  6. As much as this may sound as a great opportunity the question that arises in my head is "why did they stop recruiting from the commonwealth firstly and why have they began to recruit again? The army has changed alot the job roles they're offering people from the commonwealth are the shit jobs no one else wants. On that note you're still going to get the racist comments and being recruited directly from a commonwealth country straight to a training camp. You're looked at differently and treated the same. On that note your pay if successful is capped for a 3 yr period so don't expect to make much for all the shit you gotta deal with. Gd luck none the less. Serving soldier....

  7. YES! join up! the sooner you fools leave the islands, the better; GO! YOU are obviously the fools making stupid comments on news issues, now you TOP your Stupidity with this. GO! Don't come back. I for one don't want to listen to your complaints.

  8. Hard worker in saving the world

  9. Hard worker and dedicated to work and save according to your stardards

  10. Whats the criteria to join.

    • i have been looking for this opportunity long a go i only hope. i will be successful in this process . long live the British Army .

  11. I would love to serve your country.

  12. funny.

  13. Please don't join them as they are nothing but racist bastard. I have once been there in the Guards company, In catterick garrison where their training centre is, they bully blacks and India soldiers and treat you like shit especially your section commanders, platoon commanders and platoon sergeant. They will keep back squarding you in training to frustrate you because they think you just there for British papers. Join them and receive the worst abuse ever.

    • True words spoken there..They don't care about you because like you said they know your purpose of joining most times... These people have seen it all to many times so they treat us blacks etc like dog shit..Who in their right mind would want to be out in the cold 24/7 doing odd jobs or on exercise etc...I do hope that these innocent people wanting to join know when you've signed that dotted line it's a contract you've signed after your basic training so good luck to them all...hahahaha

    • Serving with Pride

      I disagree with your statement.I have been serving for 14 long years and never have I been subjected to the worst abuse you are implicating.From what I gather you expected this to be an easy ride but training to fight wars is not for the weak,which you appear to be. You maybe do not understand what it takes to be a soldier .

      I agree there are incidents of abuse but there are robust tools to deal with it and the system does work for those who get unfair treatment. I and the majority of Lucians still serving do it with pride .

      • Good day. Seriously, I want to join,but don't know how to go about it. I love d army so much and would love to do what my heart craves for. I Will be waiting for ur reply. Thanks.

  14. Patience Chimangire

    I really want to jon!

  15. How to apply for this recruitment i would love to be a British army..!!

  16. Word of advice to any parents who love their kids...As an ex soldier myself I was one of the first young men to join when the army recruitment team came to St lucia on the kaka beff in may of 2002.They glazed our eyes with empty promises of seeing the world and having loads of fun but the reality of it is quite the opposite. Firstly..the recruiters you interact with when being selected are quite nice people but bear in mind that you won't probably see them again after you've joined and that's when the true face of the army is revealed. Your skin colour becomes a problem for most of them,you don't get smiles and pleasantries anymore..You are considered in most cases a burden to them and you are most times given the more undeserving roles in the army...You will get to make good friends from across the globe but will equally make enemies as well..This brexit issue in the UK has infact highlighted the point that the UK has had enough of us black,brown and non British people.I'm currently living in the UK so if anyone does decide to come up be there for you if you need guidance and support in understanding this country..I've lived here now for 15 yrs...I've served my time for the bastards so I aint living without as much as I can get back from them.

    • Serving with Pride

      I joined up the same time as you and some of what you are saying is true but that has changed and opportunity to do whatever job you want has been opened up to all skin colour.You just need to work hard and apply yourself. I have had no issues in 14 years and before you say it I don't kiss ass to get what I want. Your ability to do your job is what sets you apart form the rest.

    • I'll be joining is it true that ur family can join u while u serve?

  17. l want to join you in any field!

  18. Hi, I would like to join the army since i finished my school certificate! Thanks for anticipation!

  19. For all of you applying read the new article on the St. Lucia who served in the Army and the immigration limbo he is in after he finished serving. The BRTISH ARMY just uses our people and send them back damaged and broke!

  20. I would like to apply for a position In the kitchen as a pastry chef or a baker

  21. I did send my application already just waiting for your call and confirmation. Thanks

  22. I'm a young man who's really interested in the army and would really love to join.if the opportunity comes I would love to take this as a career.

  23. I cannot believe they just deported so many Jamaicans. I now they are asking for people to join their army.

  24. Desperately want to join!

  25. Iv served 13 yrs in the infantry and done 4 tours telic and herrick and own a house in uk got citizenship, marriaed with kids, and not forgetting supporting my mum and family back home monthly.its a good opportunity for a better future for commonwealth recruitment ..... God save the Queen

  26. The British Army will just use our people and at the end of your tour disown you and send you on the first plane back to your country. Check what happened to the Jamaican national who served for 2 tours of Afghanistan. Returned with PTSD and not even taken proper care of. Now because he has mental health issues after the trauma of the war he was deported to Jamaica!

  27. Only people that want to join this nonsense are people that have NOTHING going on in life for them.Just so you want to join the army of the same people that enslaved your ancestors for a few pounds? Lol The old saying is true boy,"They'll sell you out for grass if they had the chance"

  28. Dear sir/madam
    I've already send my application and im still waiting for the confirmation

    Thank you
    Setareki tikotani ratuvou

  29. Hi gud day I have heard about the recruit in the army and if there any sport available on the army I would be Glad to join


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