British Airways says thanks to St. Lucia

British Airways says thanks to St. Lucia

The United Kingdom’s flagship carrier British Airways (BA) says it is proud to be associated with Saint Lucia and the island’s tourism product.

British Airways reaffirmed their commitment to Saint Lucia during a Thank You Ceremony and visit by BA executives on Monday, June 3, 2013.

Head of Commercial BA Gatwick Colm Lacy says the London Saint Lucia flight, which has evolved over the years, continues to be successful.

“I often talk about our model relationship with Saint Lucia and with some of the other tourism ministers and tourism authorities around the world because our partnership has really been the model for success, and I talk about that a lot, and the success of this route is all about partnership and the relationship we have with Saint Lucia. It is about the partnership with the government, hoteliers, the Tourist Board and the minister, BA Holidays and the airline. Full planes mean business for the hotels here, employment for the people of Saint Lucia, and money in the coffers of the government in these difficult times,” Lacy says.

British Airways says it will continue to work with Saint Lucian authorities to bring more business to the island.

Meanwhile, Tourism Minister Lorne Theophilus says the government of Saint Lucia will continue to support BA’s efforts to expand its business here.

“What we want to do is ensure that we continue to increase the volume of business we do with various source markets. We know that 24 percent of our business come from the United Kingdom, and despite the fact we had to contend with issues like the APD and rising fuel cost, we have still managed to increase Saint Lucia’s presence in the UK market. So it is kudos to British Airways, BA Holidays and the relationship they have with the government and people of Saint Lucia. We are going to continue to make this synergy work,” the minister says.

British Airways operates a direct non-stop flight between London’s Gatwick International Airport and the Hewanorra International Airport in Vieux Fort seven days a week in Summer and daily flights during the Winter season.

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  1. having read from Barbados media,st.lucia is gradually becoming the No1 Caribbean destination.its great news,congrats to all involved in the marketing of st.lucia, but a word of caution,if authorities do not keep a lid on the violent crimes then all the hard work will be wasted,visitors will look elsewhere.


  2. Yep, in today's world, it's all about partnership, not just what I can get from you. Government should also partner with the people!


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