Britain hasn’t accepted St Lucia’s offer to house BVI prisoners after Hurricane Irma


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Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.

(CMC) – Britain has not taken up an offer from St Lucia that the island is prepared to house prisoners from the Hurricane battered British Virgin Islands (BVI) Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet has said.

“Certainly we wanted to let them know that we would make facilities available, should it be needed,” Chastanet said.

“The prison was badly damaged and so we were making space at Bordelais (prison) as well as making facilities available at the free zone to be able to help,” Chastanet said, noting that there is a shortage of manpower on the British Overseas Territory because people are helping with essential services.

“St Lucia stands ready to assist all of our brothers,” said Chastanet, who is also the chairman of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) of which the BVI is a member.

Chastanet also announced that an initial sum of US$370,000 has been given to the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO), which has been activated to coordinate supplies to be sent to the Islands that have been affected by Irma.


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  1. WOW!! Such vitriol against the St. Lucia PM. Such a demonstration of your intelligence and expertise. Have any of you offered yourself for public office so that we could have the benefit of your better abilities? Or better... which of you has offered to take at least one person from any of the devastated islands? Chastanet thought of the prisoners from BVI - whom did you think of?

  2. Thks for your help the people of St lucia

  3. Of all the hurricane ravaged families and displaced hospital patience sick and elderly....he chooses prisioners...Really? What is the real reason?

    • Would you or can you take the prisoners? No! is the answer. It have to be a country to take the prisoners since it will never be individuals. Having said that, why don't you and all those who think like you, take the students , families? Let the goodwill start with you and stop criticizing. Today the prisoners will be here and tomorrow you will forget they are here.

    • It's all a conspiracy here in the BVI....thr commissioner decided to send those prisoners who he knew weren't informants and who he knew have an idea of how corrupt the system is here. He claimed say all the prisoners escaped when he fully well knew that as Hurricane Irma ravaged our island...his team of corrupt prison guards left the prisoners unattended. With the prison in shambles and no food and water...they chose to do the only thing to survive...the prisoners who "escaped" helped their families clean up after Irma left our island devastated. Not one was a threat to our community as so he claimed. But because he needed a few extra stripes...and to make an example of the prisoners who he felt "threatened by (yes they all know the ills of the system) he used the advantage of having his own colored people in town to make it seem as if he has his affairs under control.

  4. Which other OECS territory agreed to house prisoners? Tell me? Oh yeah, just remembered, this is St. Lucia the land where smart asses run things!

  5. People don't be fooled.....someone is lying.....Britain is already liaising with St. Lucia to take 40 HIGH RISK prisoners....40...............HIGH RISK!!!! HIGH RISK!!! HIGH RISK!!!! See it in the UK Telegraph!

    SO why isn't Britain with a greater capacity and ability than us taking these prisoners from the OWN colonies?

    Because St. Lucia is their rubbish heap and we are worth the HIGH RISK prisoners, but not their precious posh country....

    And yall think Chastenet care about Lucians? Think again!!!!

    see link to article

  6. the murder rate is skyrocketing in st lucia, you inviting people tos end you prisoners??? where the heck did that kind of resaoning come from? the prisoners will be dealt with by them one way or another. we cannot even keep our own house in order what we volunteering to do that for?

  7. Let's face St Lucian your Prime Minister is just plain dume stupid and spoil and on top of that he has special needs. Why do you think he cannot debate?

  8. Let us not be a selfish people. When we were hit by Tomas as few years ago and thought that Trinidad's then PM turned her back on us, we kicked up hell. Remember that we are our neighbor's keeper.

  9. To you Chastenant why dont you strengthen the police force and prison officers? Why dont you better equip them to deal with the already overburdening issues they have choooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopz

  10. our prison is not good enough to house other criminals send them somewhere where there is high security so it would be almost impossible to break out.. st lucia is too small for this ...

  11. Some Lucians are so stupid!

  12. If you are concerned about overcrowding, well commit a crime and see if they wont have space for you! And your family too.

  13. So after Debbie where were the prisoners from St. Lucia housed? You people are just a stupid uncaring bunch when it concerns beating your political traps.

  14. Lucians on the other hand, if st.lucia was devastated by Irma and bordelais was damaged, wouldn't we be happy to know that a sister isle would house our prisoners and that they would not be loose among us adding further misery to what the storm inflicted.

  15. We as a people are so myopic in our view. Grenada has taken up prisoners from your country before. First and foremost they are human beings. When will this nonsense stop.

  16. wonder what would be said if the situation was the other way round. very selfish...unbelievable

  17. Disappointed in this country

    How the hell you gonna send aid to people when you cannot help your own country? They gave you'll a hospital... you'll say you'll don't have money to operate it...but you can send aid to another country. You'll have no space for your own prisoners! As if you'll eh taxing my money enough! hell with Chastanet and his court of fools. You mean they actually agreed on this??

    • So how come Cuba and Venezuela have been helping you? See you don't understand what humanitarian aid is. Bangladesh is one of the poorest nations yet they have to help the Royingya people. All over the world this problem exist where poor countries have to give humanitarian aid. Don't be so political that you unashamedly expose your jackasscity. Any OECS state which suffers any catastrophe St. Lucia is obligated to help. The buoyancy of our EC dollar is also defendant on the economy of each island which forms the group. So who do you expect to fix your shit for you when it hits the fan?

      So why don't you fools think of such common sense reasons?

  18. St Lucia can't handle the criminals they have now. Lord have mercy and be with the good citizens and visitors to this beautiful island

  19. This man dont think.....there's so many children u can help u want more murders, rapist, more drug dealer and the list goes on in our beautiful u need prayers i convince

  20. Barberella dancers

    Chastnet must be mad . Britain is fully aware of the nonsense going on at boredelais. Female guards bringing ganja in pads for prisoners, cell phones, money , drugs getting in the prison, and you call that maximum security?

  21. Chastanet is planning the Genocide of our St Lucian citizens. Is this the best You can do to help another island in need. Take their scumm and house them in St Lucia. Why don't u hose them in the Chastanet Resort. St Lucia wake up and and resist this fool. First it was Chinese now it is Prisoners.

  22. Chastenet has to take his pills.think he losiing it.

  23. Thank you Britain! Our not too bright PM was as usual, talking out of his pie hole! We do not even have the capability to house our own prisoners let alone someone else's. Chastenet needs to learn that he cannot just run his mouth usleslessly but actually think before he speaks. Awa wi for that PM

  24. Britain is well aware of our vulnerabilities. I wonder if our PM is as conscious.

  25. Britain is well aware of our vulnerabilities. Our PM lost it.

  26. Lord have mercy! The prison is already overcrowded as it is so where are you gonna put them? I guess you will have to give up your home to house the prisoners.

  27. I agree with helping our follow men; "but what the heck". We can't even house our prisoners and keep citizens safe. How are we supposed to house BVI prisoners. WHERE??

  28. Ok that's begs the question, our prison is claimed to be over crowded where the f*^*ing hell you will put them?
    Are you planning on pardoning those that are already in there? Explain.....

  29. Lots of work for all trades. No more excuses no more cutting grass over here for a while.

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