Briefing on Ebola for parliamentarians

Briefing on Ebola for parliamentarians

Members of Parliament have been invited to attend a briefing on Ebola on Thursday, October 23, 2014, at 10.00a.m., in the Chamber of the Parliament of Saint Lucia.

Presentations will be made by officials from the Ministry of Health as well as the OECS Secretariat. The OECS Secretariat will brief parliamentarians on the plans fashioned by OECS Ministers of Health for the sub-region.

The session will also provide an opportunity for Parliamentarians to ask questions and seek further clarification on the protocols as well as steps taken to date to deal with‎ the potential threats of Ebola.

The Minister for Health is expected to update members on the recently concluded ALBA Summit on Ebola in Cuba and opportunities for training and assistance that will become available through collaboration with Cuba and other member states.

The public is encouraged to view this special sitting of the House of Assembly, for firsthand information on the Ebola Virus and steps taken so far by the Ministry of Health and partner agencies to prepare.

The briefing session will be aired live on the National Television Network at 10:00am.



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  1. Were the parliamentarians briefed about the source of the Ebola outbreak - the bio-warfare labs operated by the US DoD in the 3 West African countries: Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea?


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