Brice & Company invests in St Lucia

Brice & Company invests in St Lucia
A n Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine
An Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine

Brice & Company Ltd recently invested thousands of dollars into a product that it expects will help boost the local economy and the development of the manufacturing sector in St. Lucia.

The new Brice BZC 220 Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine might be the latest addition to Brice and Company, but it’s the first of its kind on island.

Manager of the Steel Division Winel Johnson says the purchase of fence manufacturing equipment weighing approximately 2.2 tonnes was a strategic step in the right direction not just for the company but also for St. Lucians islandwide.

According to Johnson, apart from being more affordable, having the machine encourages local hardware and construction companies to buy their material locally and when that happens the money stays in the country and helps boost the economy.

Brice and Company Ltd. specialises in roofing material and accessories, steel construction products and as of late, are the sole manufacturers for chain link fencing in St. Lucia.


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  1. Best price and cheapest at Brice and Co. compared to all other companies selling the same product (chain link fence).


  2. We must remain optimistic. Things will get better and I applaud Brice for investing right there at home and creating opportunities. Proud that he is one of our own!


  3. Anonymous...what kind of thinking is that? Do you need to be rich to buy a fence? Who are the poor people who requested that you be their representative? So, business in this country should not grow or invest in new products because of the poor people.I know lots of people in St Lucia that are doing very well now and that has not always been the case for them.I also know of a lot of poor people that have aspirations to get better jobs and do better for themselves. A lot of poor people don't intend to remain poor for the rest of their lives so they don't need people like you speaking on their behalf. You sound like one of them ignorant Lucian who seat around and wonder what is happening instead of making thing happen.


    • That's right Poor People! Just some idiot sitting at a computer with nothing to do and nothing to contribute!


  4. Very few people have savings. Hardly any construction of new homes. Plenty of bar and restaurants closed and out of business in Rodney Bay Village. The Marina almost deserted. Anyway wish them good luck with the
    chain link manufacturing.


  5. how much is that...who will buy something like people on the island? i am speaking on the behalf of poor people..

    we lucians dont buy anything where money is concern..dont know if the company can make it in st.lucia.. tings hard already...


  6. A move in the right direction! Bravo to Brice & Co for trying to help the economy unlike others who deliberately are holding back trying discredit the government.


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