BREAKING NEWS: Young male stabbed to death in Micoud

BREAKING NEWS: Young male stabbed to death in Micoud
Davidson Egarnes (left) and a relative (left).

Police are investigating the fatal stabbing of a young male in Micoud last evening, July 31, 2017.

The deceased has been identified as Up The Line, Micoud resident Davidson Egarnes, also known as David, King and Kingman.

A young male is reportedly in police custody assisting with the investigation, according to law enforcement officials.

A woman, who said she is a cousin of the deceased, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on condition of anonymity that the deceased was to celebrate his 21st birthday on August 9.

The woman said she was told that her cousin is suspected of being stabbed by a close male friend during the Micoud Carnival, around 10 p.m.

“It happened during carnival hours… someplace by the [Micoud play] field, I understood, and he ran and collapsed on the footpath… they think he bled to death,” she said.

The relative also disclosed that her cousin’s grandmother passed away last year.

She said he was “hated by many” but he was a “darling” to his family members.

“We all gonna miss him especially his tag female cousin. May you fly high with your grandmother,” she said.

Egarnes was reportedly pronounced dead at St. Jude Hospital.

His death is the 33rd recorded homicide for 2017.




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  1. I am shocked that a little Country like St Lucia has already recorded 33 murders and the year still has many months to go. Everyone needs to settle down and assist the Police in reducing crime, please.


  2. Rip my g another soldier gone to soon boy it's been a while but I can hear you calling my name boy with your fat ass smile lol rip David


  3. In the weeks prior to June 6, 2016 there were crime stoppers and magicians promising to reduce crime once given the opportunity to rule. Uh so what happened them? I take it crime is no longer an issue? #JustAnEnquiringMind


    • WHAT!!!!!!! Yes ik that we all are entitled to our opinions....but some people really like to blame the govnt for everything that happens...I'm not a hypocrite and say yes he was a good person and what not..who am I to judge. ..I guess he got what he was looking for he lived the life he wanted and now he suffered the consequences...It's high time we stop blaming the govnt for everything tht happens...Lucians need to grow out of that mentality...Instead of depending on the govnt to take action..let us take action as a country for the betterment of us all..


  4. Mate had it coming I see mate try to chop a man head off right in front of me only god knows how that cutlass didn't kill the fella. The guy was nothing easy and I'm not saying he had to die but someone had to show him his not the baddest man around


  5. Now one gone, all DE other idiots quiet... Just a bunch of young a-- in dat village of micoud.. All they do is smoke hard weed n drink white rum. Wen dat get to der heads, dey resort to violence.. Da guy who killed him, I'm by no way calling him a Saint.. But he was a coward acting in self defense over an unsettled fued. King stabbed him, he stabbed bk, n dat criminal was always armed looking 4 da youte.. So trust me, maybe he wud hv been in da morgue if king man wasn't dead,, cuz king man came to kill him.. So that's one less a--- under that dold market building, near foot prints restaurant, where those thugz hang out all day,, smoking weed and n planning der robberies...


  6. From today, Emancipation Day, we must emancipate ourselves from the mental slavery that makes us want to settle disputes with weapons.


  7. He was hated by many loved by few( his family). Thug life can only take you 3 places in life hospital , cemetry or jail. Fast money, flasy jewelry and a bad boy title thats all these young men of today after. I