BREAKING NEWS: Wounded man refuses to cooperate with police

BREAKING NEWS: Wounded man refuses to cooperate with police

stabbing3A male who sustained wounds from an apparent attack or altercation this evening has been uncooperative with police.

Reliable sources told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the Babonneau Police Station was responding to a domestic issue in Paix Bouche, Babonneau, around 8 p.m, when the police noticed a man passing by, bleeding from “slash” wounds to the right side of his face and his right arm.

Sources they the man refused to give any information to the police and continued on his way.

The lawmen called the ambulance which picked him up in Garrand.

The police will still pursue the matter, but suspect the individual may have been a troublemaker in whatever incident occurred, due to his unwillingness to cooperate, the sources say.

The victim is known to be mentally unstable, sources say.


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  1. The idiot will not co-operate with the po po because he knows exactly how to get revenge. Watch out for more blood shed on the streets today is only twelve days in the New Year.


  2. He right not to answer the police? The public shouldn't assist them in any investigation the kill an mistreat innocent people.
    They job is to serve an protect but doing the opposite.


  3. throw his wounded man in jail. those that are part of a crime whether victim or criminal should be put in jail if they refuse to cooperate with police. all they are doing is protecting other criminals. put this persons picture on natl media and let everyone know who it is.
    publicize these losers so everyone can look for them


  4. Please, if he is not of sound mind then how could he be assumed to be the one in the wrong!!! Please take care of him!!!


    • You will let a mad man kill you ? You should defend yourself at all times especially if the asailent mad, as these ppl d8nt pay for attacking imsay strike them down once you get the chance because if they mess yiu up you are on your own with no recourse


  5. What happen if he had kill, we have had a history of mentally challenge people causing serious harm to others, I guess the other party took the first chance


    • Do you comprehen what you read. It said the man was passing by the officer bleeding, wounds to R face and R arm


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