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UPDATE: Suspect in custody – woman murdered during domestic dispute in Cap Estate

By SNO STaff

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(SNO) – A male suspect is in custody as police investigate the Tuesday afternoon murder of a woman in Cap Estate, Gros Islet.

The suspect is reportedly in his late 70s and the woman was in her 60s, according to sources.

The victim, whose identity has not been disclosed, was killed during an alleged domestic dispute with the suspect.

According to sources, she sustained stab wounds and severe head injuries. One source told our newsroom that the woman’s head was “bashed in” with a brick.

The incident occurred at a residence at Flamboyant Crescent, Cap Estate, Gros Islet, near the St. Lucia Golf and Country Club.

Her body was reportedly found in the roadway.

Emergency services have confirmed that they responded to a report of a “head trauma” incident at 4:51 p.m.

This is the 16th homicide of 2018.

SNO extends its condolences to the deceased’s family and friends.

Check for more updates later.

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  1. Why don’t you have some respect for her grieving friends and family. Not only have we lost her but we’ve lost him too and all you lot care about is a country reputation or giving away their marital gossip you should be ashamed on yourselves god forbid you don’t ever have to read these comments about one of your family members.

    • They seeing all. Don't worry, those making judgement without fact, spreading whatever u can clutch just so u can talk. You will face your udgment one day. Till them let the ignorance entertain their small minds.

  2. Whats his name SNO. Eh hide nobody dere.

    • His name is James Mitchell, originally from Dominica. They lived in London for a long time before retiring to St Lucia.,

    • James mitchell from roseau dominica is a drug adduct who smokes marijuana mixed with crack cocaine on the low but smokes it boldly in dominica and is also an alcaholic. This is not thw first time james has killed someone. When he was a teenager he killed an elderly person but was too young to stand trial so his family swnt him to england. There he used his promoter/entertainer name while he run his criminal enterprise which included murder extortion drug trafficking etc. This man is a cold blooded killer. Know him personally in dominica.

    • Vanessa Marshall

      It's someone that is related to someone my sister is going our with it's my sisters daughters nan. I'm not sure what his name is i could find out.


    when will we stop being political. Haven't you realized what is happening. Human have become lovers of themselves. We have become selfish, wicked, we care only of our selves. The devil is desperate, searching for loss souls, cause he's time is short. We have come to a season in life, where we christian must stop playing church. We need to get back to the habit of praying and fasting . 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. We need a revival in our land. Sorry to say, some pastors are more concern about the numbers in their congregation, instead of tapping into the Spirit. We grieve the Holy Spirit daily, we need to flow in the prophetic and start pulling down strong holds and spirits which is affecting the island. Let's pray for our nation instead of putting each other down, death and life is in the power of the tongue, when you speak negative about the nation, negative will continue to happen. Confess positive and healing will flow, let's pray, Leviticus:26-8 Five of you will pursue a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand, and your enemies will fall by the sword before you. We all have fall short, it's time to arise and shine.

    I pray the peace of God upon everyone.

    • We will stop being political when ALLEN CHASTANET start making us safe. He campaigned on "KENNY CAN'T MAKE YOU SAFE, BUT I WILL" Today all fools now saying do not politicize crime, but before every crime was committed it was KENNY, KENNY, KENNY. Now yall white PM can't do anything yall singing a different tune! HYPOCRITES

      • That was a stupid comment. Like any PM would have anything to do with someones death inside their own damn house. You're a child. You black PM before him could have saved this women. Grow up

      • I agree. Be careful of the promises you make. He knew he had no control over crime, he should not have said he can make us safe. As much as crime is not his fault; its no one's fault but the perpetrator, the pm did make promises that we expect him to keep.

      • Sorry....typo error. Where I said "Your black PM before him could have saved this women. Grow up." I meant to say "You black PM before him could NOT have saved this women. Grow up"

      • Kenny is not any “blacker” than Allen. Almost identical racial makeup. When are you fools going to stop hiding reality behind ridiculous racial nonsense?

      • Kenny not white right??? His father was the biggest Massa in the windward islands and he himself was a slave driver. So what. Y'all to damn insulting and racist for political gain.

      • Irresponsible comment. And Jenny is black right? Wrong..... When will talk SLP s stop hurling racial slurs at your fellow St Lucians.

  4. mental health is at play here and ya'll need to shut up. this information should not even be up as this is an open case. i am watching is all i'm saying. i see you all..... bad mind

  5. God put a hand on our beautiful country

  6. The Devil has taken over our beautiful country, too many people turn to Voodoo...instead of turning to God.

  7. Wtf is happening. There's truly some weird shit going on in the air

  8. Well now the victims family can't blame this one on locals and claim home invasion and robbery. Wonder how their families and British press going to spin this one to make St Lucia look bad ?
    Just wait for it...

    • To “curious” - what a pathetic attitude! You blame the victims of violent crime for trying to make St. Lucia look bad? They don’t have a right to speak out or seek justice? The inability to empathize and put oneself in the shoes if others is a root cause of the kind of violence we are experiencing here these days. People only perceive the world from their own myopic points of view. Unable to negotiate or handle disagreement and conflict. Adults with the mentality of spoiled children. It’s not about law enforcement or politics. We as a society need to examine our attitudes and how we interact with one another. Maturity and introspection is what is required here. Enough prayer and blaming of everyone else - including “the devil” - the cause of so much petty rage and rampant corruption in this country is right there in the mirror - either through active participation or passive enabling and acceptance when it suits our own selfish needs.

      • You can see the uncaring mentality of most Lucian's that were raised right....or raised at all. Just look what happens when people here just watch a dying person on the ground without helping that person. They would rather film it on the cameras instead of helping. I have seen it too many times. Lucian's don't care anything about life and how precious it is....unbelievable

      • While you may be right about our maturity and all that other stuff, yes we need to do our part. But God is the one who holds the universe in his hands. In as much as some of you won't admit there is a God at work and the devil is real, in the end, we all well call on the name of Jesus

    • Lack of mental health support

  9. Groceries too high thats what causing all these problems.. de man probably vex de massy bill was so high ... i blame Kenny!

  10. We all are humans and we fall short. Crime is world wide so don't come talking rubbish and blaming government for people eho can't control their anger and rage. I applaued teddy bundy good point you made. There are people who always have negative remarks. Like said if you don't have nun to contribute that brings stability, just keep your comments to yourself..... again we all are humans....

  11. fr tge time kenny took over in 1997, the murder rate has gone dramatically up. its all his fault. 7 murders in 1996. Then up and up and up. If its not kenny's fault, then its Pip, i mean pooop's fault!

  12. Rage, stage, page

    This place is really just getting sad, there seems to be some strange demonic energy around,

  13. Rage, stage, page

    Oh this country, is getting crazy, it's amazing, you dnt hear crime in Cuba, signapore, and a few other places in the world, like hmm, does St. Lucia have a particular type of energy, is the energy the same kind as in the USA, something ain't right, maybe our system needs a revamp

    • Free press in Cuba? Hmmm... I wonder if the average Joe can just run a news website or blog in Cuba without state interference?!...

    • dump ass are you serious do you listen to news from the countries you mentioned. fool

  14. It begins with the way we treat each other. The comments being read and others are particularly keen on name calling. It begins with us.

  15. As thought this happened only in the depressed areas

  16. concerned foreign citizen

    Just lock up the old man and throw the keys. Pray for our nation

  17. Late 70s my gosh .,,,...,,,

  18. You'll Overnight Yankees write alot of crap whilst the land u adopt is worst off where crime is concerned.

    • overnight yankees? obviously you have an inferiority complex. HAHAHAHA.
      sometimes eh... you don't need to be a yankee to recognize the mess st.lucia in. idiots like you want it to stay the same, I suppose. otherwise what have you done lately to help? malpalay more people? tuh.
      get your self worth together. you being jealous of others is exactly why st.lucia is how it is.

      over there or here, idc. we still have problems right here in sent lici and not talking about them impacts everybody. too much is swept under the rug. maybe people like you prefer it that way.
      trust that you're wellllll over the age of 21 and still sound so very foolish and ignorant.
      when people of your generation do yall nonsense and then leave the youth to deal with it. foolish.

      watch the age of the people involved in this traumatic story. that happened LOCALLY. that's why we concerned about it. I don't know how you bring that other nonsense in here. honestly, for you to think its the time or place to do it...your insecurity is showing and its a real poop show. i hope the yankees continue to burn you.

  19. Let us hide his name.....he has moneee

  20. AA AA sa ya sa

  21. Comfort the family of the victim.Another woman sister maybe mother aunt niece friend and so much more.How many more must die at the hands of those abusive men.As a woman I feel the pain that some other women go through .Once is enough when that man raises his hands he will do it again and again at the cost of death get out ladies before it's too late run

    • Oh yes, because she clearly is a saint in the matter, righteous in the eyes of the law, no provocation, no leading on, no contribution to an old Man's rage, for a man that age to commit such an act it had to have been a serious quarrel stop painting yourselves as innocent, yourll wanna fight for equality, the law should come down on you same as it would as a male, not in this case clearly..someones loved one was taken in peace whoever you are.

  22. What has Saint Lucia become? Where is law enforcement? Ever since I suscribed to your news service it's crime, crime and more crime. Is there any good news to inform us about sweet Helen?
    Is there some effort underway to jeopardize the tourism industry with all that negative news?


      The tourism industry is more important than the citizens, and can law enforcement be at every domestic dispute? We hear of the many killings of black people in the USA and the stabbing of black young men in the UK. St. Lucia is not unique to crime.

    • Hear you what has St Lucia become ? Oh the police should have been right there in the home to prevent it all. You been away too long

    • Jackass

    • There is no such thing as law enforcement watch and see his bail will be $1,000.00. Murder is murder no bail period your ass got to be under lock down.

    • What does law enforcement have to do with this? Why do some people sound so dotish?

    • Youbsound ignore. Could law enforcement have anticipated it idiot

    • Ted are more at risk of being killed in those bigger countries than you are in our small islands...just be careful when you go to a mall or when your children go to school or when you go to the movies because you just never know what deranged person wants to shoot up innocent people. So stop with this dotishness!!!

      • I quite disagree Ted Bundy.I am talking this based on my experience as a former police office in the country and now been living 6yrs in the Uk.

  23. Mhew men


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