BREAKING NEWS: Woman kills boyfriend in New Village

BREAKING NEWS: Woman kills boyfriend in New Village
Dave Monrose
Dave Monrose
Dave Monrose

An ongoing domestic dispute between a common-law couple turned deadly in a New Village, Castries home Saturday night, police officials have confirmed.

A woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend who succumbed to his injuries at Victoria Hospital.

The victim has been identified as 31-year-old New Village resident Dave ‘Shooter’ Monrose, an employee of Carasco & Son Ltd. on Manoel Street, Castries.

The woman is currently in police custody.

The couple reportedly had three children together – two boys and a girl. It is not clear if the children were at the home when the incident occurred.

The couple reportedly had a history of disputes.

This is the island’s 24th homicide for the year.


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  1. I knew dave well , he was a loving yute i knew the girl too.This is so sad , you should not have done that my girl .Alot of women in st.lucia don't wanna be independent , most of them not trying hard enough. Remove yourselves from the mentality that you can't make it. The truth is you can ,there are places where you could go to get life changing skills and advise.As a youth growing up in st.lucia i did many different things , i played soccer for a local team till i made it on the National Womens Team. I frequented Social Transformation offices for ideas on things i could do like craft and got assistance an great ideas too. There's always something positive you can engage in. We take life for granted as youth, we spend time focusing on our friendships in the community and hang out too much.Lets wake up youths , stop falling into relationships so early. We were brainwashed concerning that lifestyle and màny other things wake up. Dave had a job , to me dave lived an exemplary life but his relationship failed him . I feel sorry for you but i want other women in our communities to know the trend of getting into a relationship as early as 15 years old is not the way to go. Stop believing you have to be commited to someone at such tender age getting pregnant and missing out on so much.


  2. I hope yall listened to the news and realize the truth about what went on instead of painting a dark cloud over Dave and if he was a wicked abusive individual. After yall fought the Friday night if he was so bad from time he saw you with your bottle and knife talking and getting on he would have attacked you, even when you threatened and also hit his friend with the bottle. The guy got his bottle lash to his face and he did nothing to you even the stab wounds and he did nothing you just killed him out of your stupid rage, jealous and thoughts filled with the devil's intentions you fool. And now your children, his family, you and everyone has to suffer because of your actions. He didn't have to be with a woman like you it was because of the love he had for you he stayed because he was with you from time yall were kids and that's how you repay that love and caring. I know yall had issues and fights but they won't one sided meaning he was doing you only it was both of yall doing each other but his would have never come to or turned out being your death because that wasn't his nature all he cared about was his family the children and you because he stayed away from the stupid acts just to be there for yall and if you ask any of his true friends they would tell exactly what i'm saying there. Not because there are disputes in a relationship which leads to fighting that means it's the man fault alone sometimes the woman provokes it and the man sometimes has no choice but to strike. But for me from time it involves striking you then i'm out and that's what he should have done along time ago. Not everything you read or hear sometimes is the truth you have to dig deeper to understand what was or is going on. He was never a bad boy only troublesome doing stupid things like any normal young boy would do, then he grew older and wiser and he improved on what he use to do and ended his stupid ways like any real man would do but the only thing that remained was the fighting and disputes with the woman which he couldn't escape from. But he's gone now at least there might be peace for him and rest. I PRAY FOR YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, COWORKERS, CHILDREN, LOVED ONES AND EVEN YOU CATHY EVEN YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOURSELF FOR THIS AND ALSO YOUR KIDS WHO WILL BE GROWING UP WITHOUT A FATHER AND EVEN WORSE KNOWING IT WAS BY YOUR OWN HANDS DUE TO A JEALOUS RAGE AND FIGHTING ESPECIAL THE LAST ONE. R.I.P (DAVE"STELLAR, SHOOTER, BOOMBECK, AHCAN, TALLMAN, SUCKMAN" MONROSE. Go and meet your Buddy Glenn Caesar because it hurt you when he died at least there will be two fishermen from Lap Town out there. Till we meet again my friend till we meet again.


  3. When will it end? When will we let God take control of our problems? I feel so sad by this fatality especially for these innocent children. Lord have mercy on her soul.


  4. This is very very sad to hear rhis sad news abt my true friends thw deceased and his girlfriend , R.I.P shooter u will surely be missed though yall had yall problems rhis murder wasnt call for every relationship is not perfect, though I am out of islamd cant be there for funeral but I am gonma mourn u in my heart always ur phrase to me was a"a horse or a cow or an elephant" and every one wud laugh cuz we alone in the new village yard knew wat it meant, I am sadden by this news
    hope God forgives Cathy for this pain she caused to herself? Kids, her family, thw deceased family and rhe new village and la pansee crew. R.I.P Shooter I jus cah seem to swallow this sad news jus cant. LORD PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR KIDS AND THEIR RELATIONSHIPS AND PARTNERS AMEN


    • Do u honestly believe that in this entire world tht st lucia is hell of the should be proud to be a Lucian and know tht lucia is not the only place crime happens...ppl like u who thinks tht the grass is greener on the other side


    • Now I disagree; if you are going to make these statements please back it up. Compared to Trinidad and Jamaica and some of the other islands our crime rate is peanuts. Though this is a sad situation don't know destroy the publicity of the country because of it. After all the world out there do have Facebook. So my dear st. Lucia is not hell there are few unforseen sad and distressing events but not hell


  5. Sigh who feels it knows its. At the end of it we must do what we have to do. Its true 3 kids are left without a father buh he waa not playing no role if he was always beating her cursing her etc. My gurl i really dont know how u feel right now but be strong. U alone knoe what really happened. The gurl saved her life. Url fellas that like to raise ur hands on women before dh talk thats how url will end up. Hurry up give the girl bail for us to light one!!


    • By reading your comment it seems to me that you know alot. Why didn't you encourage her to leave if he was violent to her? For the children 's sake. Right now look at the consequences it is even wort.


    • How can you save your life when you go and look for a man cooling out away from the house yall living in and hit him with a bottle then stabbing him. From the blow with the bottle he passed out and then was stabbed. What threat was he to you then, you struck him after the fact, yall fought on friday and you kill him on Monday how was that saving your life. You knew what you were doing because you were under the influence of anger, rage and the devil's corruption of you. She did the act without even thinking of her children and their future. So it's not saving her life. if you wanted to save your life you would have left when the guy was not there and stay away from the house.


  6. some ppl too ignorant abt the word shooter shoota its jus a phrase u use to shout your friend it does not literally mean the person shoots ppl its jus slang


  7. Do these people ever think of their children before they act. Now three children are left without parents. If for years the relationship is rocky separate think of the children. When will they learn. I feel really bad for the real victims the children.


    • A few weeks ago I made a comment with regard to the behavior of parents and the trickle down effect on the children in relation to the Milan case and 9 short sighted idiot Lucians disliked my post. Now two weekends two separate incidents with couples who have children and two short sighted jackass Lucians disliking this post. It will never stop because there are too many short sighted Lucians. Again we need to get to the root of the problem. As adults we too immature......


  8. Good lord of my salvation,shine your light upon this yah they gonna grow up without their parents who's gonna tell them this is right or this is wrong...jah


  9. she had a bad patch with him from times ... yet she didn't leave ... we may say and think we know .. but lets leave it up to god . its sad someone had to lose their life that way and even worse coming from the victim who was always being beaten and abused .they were both nice people ... but they always had disputes ... I pray god has mercy on them both for their wrong doings .. more importantly I pray these children will be taken care of throughout this ordeal ...


  10. Ironic eh,with a name such as "Shooter" you died by stab wounds.That's why I've always said that them quarrel vibe with woman is not worth it...Its not working out just DIP!!!


  11. This couldn't be more disgusting !! We need to do some serious research to find the root cause of this plague. Take my word for it. Sustained physical exercise is a reliable way to release tension. Set yourselves some goals and work towards their achievements. Do not depend on anyone for your wellbeing or happiness.


  12. I know it is not always easy to leave, especially if you have children. You can think of all the reasons why you cannot leave but when an incident like this happens you probably think of all the reasons you should have left. Anybody reading this article and is involved in some sort of abuse or always fighting etc. LEAVE. Find the strength somewhere and try to leave. Nothing like this should have happened. Don't stay saying for sake of children, or house, or we with each other for so long or i can change him/her. Relationships will have their up and down, but there is no place for abuse and domestic violence. Find the strength somewhere and walk away.


  13. Two nights ago our church bus went to drop a member carellie passing it was about after 12 heard a big slap from the female to this man on our way down is like they have been fighting .i know the two very well that is why i was able to identify them .this has been going on for years nows between them .i pray for the hand of god for his invention in this matter .rip dave remember u shouting my name lastweek lady we were teenage budies .through knowing her i met my son dad who passed away sometime now .all i can say god put a hand .i feel for the kids may your piece be with them


  14. They should have quit a long time ago with all that and court needs to know when to walk away..


  15. Gosh...we need to stop and think before reacting to our situations. Try n deal with our problems without violence. Some times it's good to just walk away and be alone, clear your head. Another sad day for a family.


  16. This incident didn't happen at the house. So sad . Trueta u hv gone but not forgotten. R . I . P . P. Y can't someone can't walk out in their relationship always in a fight between the two party.


  17. She always use to say she will kill him. Finally she did . Power of the tongue. We must be very careful what we say, we fail to realise our words have power. It can make or break someone . Let us pray for the 3 kids left behind, they need our prays. They've lost both parents and that's so sad.


  18. Are we ready to make a change in our thinking now? How many more must die? We keep asking God to put a hand but are willing to play our part? We need to take responsibility and stop drowning our thinking in Alcohol, marijuana, and fete. This generation may never be rescued from its cycle of destruction.