BREAKING NEWS: Woman found dead in Vieux Fort

The nude lifeless body of a woman, known so far as ‘Virgie’, was found at a house in Augier, Vieux Fort today, police said.

Police reportedly received the report around 8 p.m.

It is alleged that the woman’s body was found hours after an alleged altercation with a lover.

A photo obtained by our newsroom shows the body of a nude and battered female.

Today is International Women’s Day which is being observed by St. Lucia.

This news comes about four days after a 31-year-old mother of three was found stabbed to death in a house in Ciceron, Castries. The alleged suspect, her boyfriend, turned himself in to the police on Tuesday night.



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  1. No politician or police officer can prevent domestic violence. We know the perpetrators, we talk to them every day, we know their values, their views, yet we ignore them instead of telling them that their way of thinking is wrong. We cannot save everybody, but we should at least try to counsel these men. The same time you talking about how many women you have, you should also talk about how not to treat them. Women are not second class citizens, nor should they be treated as such. If you think she is no good, then leave her the hell alone.


  2. Government in St Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean countries must put something in place to protect our woman from Abusive relationship and put the cowards behind Bars.

    Only saying!


  3. This a great reason for women to come together and make a difference in this country. To put a stop to violence. Lord have mercy on our souls. We are really in the end of times. Make your calling and election sure ppl.


  4. Listen!!! I'm from Augier and I know that situation, a lot of men, married, single and disengaged, young making BOM or just having sex with people like vergie and next day if she mention their name, they want to kill her


  5. We all know that when the crime stiuation has escalated beyond our control and that no solutions are forth coming that the government is NOT to be blamed and I agree. But you know what is funny and is truely tipical of us St. Lucians, is that less than a one year ago we were the very ones putting total responsibilty on the back of one MAN...KENNY...for the crime situation in St.Luica. Every crime that was committed it was Kenny's fault. It is true that we may really want to express our opinions but sometimes it is better to remain silent if we are not going to bring a point of substance to the fore and it really does not matter whether you are red or yellow. Crime has no colour! It affects all st.Lucians. We live in a society perpetuted by greed and jealousy and unless we learn to respect ourselves and each other, accept who we are and work hard for the things that we desire, we will continue to have crime in this place. Yes measures have to be put in place to curb crime but our mindset our thinking must change first if we are to see any serious dent in occurance of crime. The truth is a lot of people don't value life so you may very well have a situation where you have measures and the crime still continues. So rather than looking for politicians, who don't give a rass about you and me, to blame ....let each one of us try to effect the change that we want to see, by changing our thinking. Let us love and value the short life that we have. Remember we are just passing through.


  6. Persons calling for capital punishment should know it won't happen. As long as we are depending on International aid we won't hang any criminals in fear of being cut off. Sad but it's the truth


  7. Oh my! I guess that's why Diana Charles always backlash our "black men" some of them are so weak