UPDATE: Wanted robber was wearing Spiderman mask


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A spiderman mask, similar to what was worn by Marquis.

An alleged notorious robber, who was shot and injured by police last night, April 30, was wearing a Spiderman mask around his neck when he was caught.

Police sources say Markin Marquis, aka Road Block, who was wanted by police in Castries, Vieux Fort and Richfond, was found riding a black scooter (registration number PJ3052) in the rain with the lights off when he was accosted by the lawmen.

Marquis was shot by Richfond Police at about 10:30 pm Tuesday in Mabouya Valley, Dennery. He is in stable condition at hospital.

He was allegedly shot in the buttocks, hand and left leg.

Sources say Marquis’ last alleged act occurred Saturday morning when he robbed two men of their jewelry individually and shot one in the leg.

Three arrest warrants for robbery were out for him, sources say.

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  1. dat nigga should be erased from de

  2. The solution to the problem any one how steal they should chop off their right hand and send then to hard labour in prison

  3. Strong rum with ice

    Spider man is a good guy who save people , this piece of crap is a fake.

  4. y da police didnt kill him or run him over wit deh vehicle cause some stupid lawyer goin 2 plea bail 4 him and he continue wrkin 4da devil

    • then that would be another homicide for st.lucia, boy yall ain’t getting it yet, you people need a mind change!!!!!

  5. Looks like Spiderman is traveling far nowadays. He is not swinging from skyscrapers anymore. He is swinging from shacks. Ay! Ay! Times really changing wi.

  6. Spiderman in St Lucia .

  7. Its about time something be done in the valley!! Good Job officers!

  8. Put his damn photo up in the papers. Sure he commit other crimes too. Why stray bullets don’t find the bad guys??

  9. The real cost is losing the tourist income. After that, what are you going to do next? I bet after a few are put away, many will get out of the criminal business. Believe it or not people are smart that way.

  10. Bad Boy, Bad Boy, what you gonna do, what you gonna do, when they come for you!! Well done officers!!!

  11. the BOLD truth

    They should have just shot him in the head. That way, less money and time wasted on this guy. Turn his body over to his family or bury him in a paupers grave.

  12. the BOLD truth

    Robbing someone should be automatic = 10yrs in prison; possession of an illegal firearm should be automatic = 20 yrs; injuring someone with a firearm or cutlass = 25yrs; intentionally killing someone = 40yrs. That way, when they come out from prison, most will be too old to continue the ways which had them sent to prison in the first place.

  13. He’s my 1st cousin and I don’t want him in the streets. Please keep him locked up

  14. bravo richfort police

  15. In the case of fishermen and others who need longer knives. A permit should be given and the knife should be carried in a clear plastic bag…unconcealed.

  16. These guys need to be put away for a very long time if there is serious interest to reduce crime. Illegal possession of a gun should mean 20+ automatically. It would mean those idiots would not be coming out until late in life. This would have the same effect as USA’s 3 strikes and you are out. This would definitely reduce gun crime. Also a law is needed to restrict the blades of knives while in public. A one and a half inch blade should be the law. Anything longer should mean time.

    • Three strikes and then put them away. This sounds really nice until we begin to consider the cost.

      • the BOLD truth

        yes, it can be done. if things are cut out in prison, giving them 2 meals a day, having them work instead of watching tv (or watch cartoons instead) no weight lifting, etc, etc, i believe you will eventually have less inmates returning.

  17. Is that all the shots he received? There should have been one in the head. Well done officers clean Miss Helen Up. Bravo!!!!!!!!

  18. Why is this guy out of prison? He was in there for having drugs and grievous harm to another as well as escaping lawful custody. Now he is out and back to his old tricks??

  19. Kudos to the police on swift action.

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