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VIDEO: Father beating up teen daughter in Dennery caught on camera; police investigating

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Video clips of a man sending kicks on a young female in a Dennery house has gone viral (see videos below story).

According to law enforcement sources, police are investigating allegations that the man in the video is the father of the female who is being beaten.

It is alleged that the female is 13 years old and the man is of a Dennery address.

Reports indicate that the victim’s sister recorded the incident which occurred recently. It is not clear who uploaded the videos to social media.

St. Lucia News Online obtained two video clips of the Dennery incident. (See them below article).

In one of the videos, the teen cries out “… stop I’ve had enough, had enough.”

The alleged father exclaims “you had enough?!” then attacks his daughter again as someone (sounding female) in the background shouts “not in my room, not in my room”.

Sources said the police and social services are investigating the attack which is similar to an incident in December last year in which a woman, Tessa Albert, 25, was caught on video beating a schoolgirl with a stick for allegedly wearing her shoes.

Albert pleaded guilty to causing harm and was granted $1,000 bail or suitable surety pending a pre-sentence report in early January 2020.

Her bail conditions include surrendering her travel documents to the court, make no contact with the victim, not permitted to leave the State without the court’s permission and reporting to the Anse La Raye Police Station every Friday before or by 6 p.m.

Be advised, before watching, that the videos are extremely violent and can be disturbing to some.






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  1. something that most of you have missed - while they are related father and daughter; if you watch the clip it's a child and adult having a fight - something has gone very wrong in the household.

    And for the other person to be filming while this is happening - they all need some kind of intervention.

  2. This is very hurtful to watch,. There is nothing nothing this child did to deserve this. This man is a coward, a bully and no excuse of a father.. He suppose to be here protector, instead he treated her worst than an animal. Understand some kids are hard to discipline without a little belt, but he could've kills this child. And like the sound of the other female ( who was more concerned about her room), thing sounds like this is not the first time this child is being abuse. Put this COWARD in jail!

  3. When its the video of spider and other rich people you'll refuse to put the link.
    Now is someone you assume is poor.
    Very cowardly.

  4. Can someone find this pig and just shoot it. My god man why a grown ass man kicking a title girl in the head and stomach? Somebody anybody please shoot that mother fucker put him out of his misery. I can tell you one thing if I was in that area I would’ve killed him my damn self. Piece of shit

  5. Bondiay! The man kicked the child in her head!! You are the disgusting one for even suggesting that ANYTHING can justify this heinous act. Jesus!!! St. Lucians need deliverance.

  6. We only saw a 9sec and 2 sec clip. I am by no means condoning this but do we really know what happened? can we admit that this generation is disgusting? With her reactions in the clip do we know whether she started it? Now a days children talking back and knocking you as a parent or guardian. Put them out everybody asking what life u sending them to live?. Fun their choo child abuse. They don't want to follow rules, they want to be independent but cannot buy a pack of salted biscuit to eat.

    • I know you see it from your abusing eyes. Your opinion stinks you are just like the father since you are condoning this makes you the most disgusting subhuman of 2020 jackass. I hope you are not a mother or father because you do not deserve kids period mal koso.

    • Are you fucking kidding me?? This man kick the child like a wild animal. This just plain discussing and hard to watch. Don't matter what this child did, this was not reason to fight her like this ( and that is what he was doing ). It was just some second clips, but it hurt me to see it. And he suppose to be her protector? ? This man needs to be arrested. And from the sound of the other female voice, this sounds like a usual thing.

  7. Omg. What is this world coming too? What could she have done to deserve kicks from a man who is said to be her father? Fathers are suppose to protect their kids no matter what. Was that the best way to handle any situation? Why isn't the person there trying to help her instead of making a video? When will this stop?

  8. Why would use your feet to kick your young daughter? You are a weak kneegrow praying on a child why are you doing this? Did you want to molest her and she retaliate? Shame on you azz hole I do not care what she did you have no right to raise your dirty feet on her neg sal.

    • I agree 💯‼️
      This is inhuman, such an ill mannered way to deal with anyone yet alone your own off spring!
      I believe a full investigation is the best way forward in this case, I can clearly see it is ABUSE more so than any form of discipline!
      Only she knows what else she endures at the hands of her so called father!


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