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BREAKING NEWS: Vieux Fort gunshot victim passes away

By SNO Staff

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The Bruceville man who was shot several days ago has died, according to police sources.

Mario Cobb, 22, passed away in hospital around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 30.

According to a police press release, on Monday, December 25, 2017, about 9:30 p.m., officers attached to the Special Services Unit, Vieux Fort, whilst on patrol in Bruceville, responded to a report of a shooting at Bruceville, Vieux Fort.

Cobb was found lying on a footpath with gunshot wounds to his neck and abdomen, according to the release.

He was transported to St. Jude’s Hospital via ambulance where he was admitted in stable condition, the release added.

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  1. People I've read all the many comments and it all seems the same. Spewing hate, placing blame and no responsibilities whatsoever. Let me see the first person who will say my minister is partly responsible and so is the opposition party? We can heal when we have love ourselves. Start looking within for yourselves. It's only when we have completely love ourselves can we stop placing blame and least comment some strategies or a group where people voice what can be improved and via social media and word of mouth the minister may get some insight as to where to start. Let's start by forgiving ourselves and not hating what happened but accepting it and getting the lesson and moving forward. Let's not participate and attract negative energy based on someone else's action. Let's heal and spread love. I love myself and I love my fellow homo sapiens!

  2. The crime situation begins in the homes. The governments need to look at providing social workers and persons who are able to provide proper family counseling. The young people having children are children themselves and lack the experience and skills to raise their children as a result many youngsters are falling through the cracks. The saying that it takes a whole village to raise a child is not a joke!

  3. Im not speaking only in relation to the murder rate but Chastanet and company has to go!

  4. 58 killings at least it didn't reach 60

  5. I mean where are the addresses to the public. Where is the leaders voice to provide some sort of comfort to our fearful people. Do you even care about the young men dying. Other honorable members, how long will you'll stay silent while your names are etched in history are not being able to help those who need your representation. A thousand mile journey needs its beginning steps.

    • Stop it.......The idiots keep killing each other with no regards to no one, not even their mother or father if they have any, now tell me who the hell do you think they will listen to? There is nothing any Minister will say and do will tame and control them morons,because if they are hell bend on killing their partners in crime and innocent law abiding tax payers who to say they will not take aim at the Ministers. Listen......Think before you type let me tell you sociopaths have no empathy,therefore you asking the impossible stay safe be vigilant and a Healthy and Peaceful 2018 to each and every St.Lucian sisters and brothers of mine both home and abroad love you all much.

      • When Chastenet made the proclamation to reduce crime you ought to have called him on his drivel....but many chose to reward him with a standing ovation of YEAHs and he is being asked to deliver on his promise and you want to sing a different song. Move from there.

    • Who says the government doesn't have a plan? Maybe the inactive, barely there policing (and who can blame them following the demoralization and demotivation of IMPACS) is part of the strategy to let the miscreants kill off each other. Because really, it APPEARS that the larger percent of the homicide rate are characters that pursued a life of crime. How many innocent bystanders or passersby were killed in 2017? When you opt for a life of crime you should be prepared for anything.

  6. Its a good opportunity to urge UWP party member and executive, to reconsider and re examine who is placed as their political leader. I think we are in one of the worst times and we need someone to provide a much better result than this. I know if i did bad at my job I would be fired.....this record makes UWP look very bad.

    • Parents created those monsters. Poverty was always with us, but there was never such a high level of murder and mayhem associated in finding food. The crime was mainly theft.

      Today, there are gangs of murders selling drugs to make a living. That is a huge difference. Those miscreants have accepted, like the Mafia gangs, that dying is part of doing their business.

      Dammit. Politicians are not priests. They are not equipped or are not in the business of changing characters. Not even the priests today have any positive impact on crime or influence on encouraging good behaviour. Stop breeding and harbouring criminals in order to get audis.

      • When you let the education system fall apart, agriculture wither away, prevent justice from prevailing, destroy programmes and support that protect the poor and vulnerable, destroy the middle class you create the conditions for these monsters to thrive and multiply. Is it not the government who is responsible for creating and maintaining such?

  7. Chas do someting

  8. Well said

  9. Stop talking nonsense. Well from your own government and come prevent crime. So it is written and so shall it happen .

  10. For those who are quick to say you must not blame the government on the issue of crime here is what the UWP said in its 2016 manifesto: “The government of the SLP has badly mishandled affairs concerning the security of our Country and the administration of justice,” (pg. 55 paragraph 1) . “The UWP believes that the security of its citizens is the most important responsibility of the state,” (pg. 55 paragraph 2). “A country where people are not safe in their communities, homes, in public places and where confidence in the institutions which administer justice is at an all time low, IS AN INDICTMENT OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY SINCE THAT GOVERNMENT MUST PROVIDE THE FRAMEWORK AND DEFINE THE AGENDA WITHIN WHICH THE SECURITY OF THE NATION IS ENSURE,” (pg. 55 paragraph 2).
    On that basis I conclude that the increase in crime and violence “is an indictment” against the government of the day – the UWP government.

    • Crime escalates when criminals feel empowered. They feel empowered when an incompetent police force is responsible for enforcement. This police force is one part incompetent and one part hampered. Despite their incompetence we did see a marked reduction in crime after restore confidence. That led to them being hampered by IMPACS. IMPACS is a result of Kenny Anthony. So let's place the blame where it belongs. They tried something given their constraints, and Kenny snitched on them.

      • Soooo what is this Government doing about it?

      • Did Kenny Anthony make you safe....he didn't but WE WILL. Has Kenny Anthony made you safer...he didn't but I WILL. Now you full of excuses about IMPACS. IMPACS was a resultant of the extrajudicial killings of the Stephen King administration. UWP created the problem now deal with it.

    • Totally agree 100%

    • @En Bien Bon
      I absolutely have to agree with you. This is a promise made by the UWP with all the facts attached.

    • They lapo

    • I totally agree with UWP. Won't you agree that the justice system sucked then? It was so much in a mess no one, except labour hacks like you, will expect this government to repair it in 18 months. However, I do not believe a bad justice system is the main cause of crime. We must get to the root cause of crime. We need to stop just depending on the defensive method to stop crime. We need to be proactive. We need to get to the root cause of crime. Government need to focus on the welfare of our children especially the vulnerable. This can be done through creating employment, organised sporting groups, activities and facilities, good healthcare, affordable education including technical school. Now tell me how much of this was done from 1997 (when homicide was only 12) to 2017? None. Instead a ghetto named Bruceville was created and all they got was STEP. Most of these victims were raised in this unfortunate era.
      So I do not believe the increase in homicide "is an indictment" against the government of the day but a manifestation of the neglect of these youth for the past 20 years.

      • It is 60 and that a RECORD. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Bunch of clueless BRAIN DEAD idiots running the country that is the BIGGEST problem that we face.

    • That's a very special manifesto. We have only seen the opposite of major things promised in it.

    • Those of you who are giving EN bien bon , thumbs down, what exactly are you’ll standing for? Only cowards will give thumbs down to EN bien bon, he/ she is only giving you the FACTS, that came out directly from UWP. Has Chastanet addressed the crime spree to th citizens of st lucia ? The answer is HELL NO. Chastanet has spent more time traveling on TAX payers dime, than addressing the crime spree , I have NOT heard from Chastanet

    • Idiot

    • You are such a waste of time. I guess you and your party have the the solution. Waste of time

    • I think current administration regardless of party must take some responsibility for the increase in crime.
      The murder rate continues to increase,as does violent crime as a whole and crime generally. And probably most of all is the fear of crime among ourcitizens young and old.
      I am unaware what is the government strategy for comattining the increase in crime.

    • Our Justice system was definitely in a mess and you must admit it. Now you do not expect any government to fix that mess in 18 months. Stop extracting what you want. We need to stop being defensive on crime and start being proactive. Let us nip it at the root and this is what Kenny and the SLP did not do from 1997 in addition to neglecting the justice system. Examine the age group of the homicide victim and what administration era were they raised as youth? Who created Bruceville former known as Shantytown? Who discontinued the technical schools Sir John established?

      • A very insightful commentary, indeed. Governments, no matter which party, ARE responsible for laying down the markers for the growth and development of ALL our communities.

        However, it is a God damn shame on a grand scale, when representatives of a community, as Ministers of Finance controlling the purse strings of government of the day, failed, yes, FAILED to use their good offices to DISable the creation of other ghettos in Saint Lucia.

        The Labour Party and its supporters have been willfully blind to the fact that the CONWAY ghetto remained in tact for years on end, with George Odd-lum stoking the resistance of blind supporters not to move elsewhere. That procreated generations of more and more hoodlums, some eventually being transplanted to another ghetto, where there was no significant human habitation. Agard-Morne Dudon, in Castries.

      • One prime minister at a time. Let’s not look back, past cannot be changed, however the current government have an opportunity to fix the broken system , rather than go back in time. Chastanet stated that crime under him would reduce significantly, have yet to see that according to the numbers

        • Crime reduced and we must applaud the police for that. Homicide increased and it a fact. Lets us all hope and pray that this do not continue in 2018. I am a supporter of Mr, Chastanet and I am confident that during his time in office he as the PM will do whatever it takes to help reduce the homicide. Whereas he may not change those who are already criminals, he will reduce the number of children becoming criminals. This is what Kenny and the SLP could not do in 15 years. To all the SLPs who appear to be blowing their trumpet over the PM's promised, I want to remind you that it is only 18 month since he is in office. You are politicizing this thing possibly to the PMs benefit. The independent voter out there know that a PM cannot curb homicide in 18 months. Will they accept that he boasting about reducing crime? No they won't. What if homicide is reduced to 25 in 2019 or 2020 closer to the next election? All you labour will be the one putting a feather in his cap with you all stupid comments.

        • The criminals are making baby criminals. The females want the spoils from the murders. The stupid and the abysmally stupid see those that keep on breeding criminals as nice parents. Those vicious criminals are murdering people to make a living. Yet some are calling these vicious scum 'nice'? Are you people stark steering mad?

        • Looking at the present: Our leader is so insensitive I want to remind of his reaction to the increase in homicides in the country. In answer to a question to the increase in numbers his response was that there was no significant increase in numbers.

          I want to tell our dear Pm chastanet one life over the 2016 murder is significant enough for him to take notice. For if not how many murders he wants before he takes notice? From the start I never wanted him to be PM and he more and I feel vindicated for up to now he has done nothing to change my mind. He should, if he can, change his behavior.


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