BREAKING NEWS: Vieux Fort fisherman rescued at sea

BREAKING NEWS: Vieux Fort fisherman rescued at sea
Not actual boat*

A fisherman was rescued at sea today by an oil tanker called Manah.

Elijah William, who hails from Vieux Fort, left Sunday to go fishing, but never returned.

His boat was spotted by the tanker, which was heading to the Buckeye Terminal at Cul de Sac. It is believed that his boat experienced an engine failure.

However, Elijah’s mother, Patricia William told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today that her son suffers from mental issues and that could be the reason for him ending up being lost.

Patricia said this is not the first time that her son has been lost at sea. She told SNO that while he is a fisherman, relatives would encourage him not to venture out to sea because of his illness.

The mother said she received a call from the police this morning, informing her that he was found. Patricia said she is thankful that he is safe and no longer have to worry that something might go wrong with him.

He is currently awaiting officials and the marine police to retrieve the boat from the ship’s main deck.


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  1. A fisherman, huh! SMH Everyone in the Pond assumed the worst, but thanks to the mercies of God he was not consumed by the seas. Hopefully, he can be released from the evil forces that have taken hold of him.


  2. See after he curses god sooo bad everyday...god still saved him...but then again some will say he is mad


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