BREAKING NEWS: Video shows aftermath of alleged police shooting in Castries


A video has emerged of a young male alleging that he was shot by a police officer.

In the video, the victim, who claims he is innocent, appears to be bleeding from his left foot as he sits on the step of a residence and cries as he tells what happened.

He alleges that a police officer took his $20 and his knife, gave him a “hard slap’ and accused him of robbing a “man in the country so long he (the officer) looking for me”.

The victim further claims that he jumped in the river to get away from the officer who allegedly fired five shots at him as he escaped.

The victim described the cop as a “black police officer”.

Persons were overheard in the video encouraging him to go the hospital and to report the matter to the police.

The sources who submitted the video to St. Lucia News Online (SNO) said it is a record of a shooting in the vicinity of Riverside Road that occurred on Friday, Sept. 29.

SNO was the first to break the news of a shooting incident at Riverside Road, Castries on the same date, in which a man sustained a gunshot wound to the left leg.

In the report, sources had told SNO that the victim was identified as 20-year-old Timothy Charlemagne, aka Rat Boy, of Marchand, Castries.

The sources said the shooting occurred after 10 a.m. and Charlemagne was transported to hospital by ambulance.

Hours before releasing the video, several persons contacted SNO about Friday’s shooting in the vicinity of Riverside Road, and told us that the male victim had allegedly pulled out a knife when he was approached by an officer who was not wearing police uniform.

As a result, the officer fired shots at the individual in “self deense”, according the those persons.

Police officials have not released an official report on the shooting.


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  1. isnt that the same guy that hangs out on the steps of this restaurant the balcony and begs people for food when they come to buy lunch?


  2. Thief! Should cripple your ass so you will not steal again. I don't feel sorry for you one bit. Always lurking trying to rob people. Should shoot you in your effing mouth , take out the rest of your teeth.


  3. Rat boy......uh wat ih yeah....he lucky he can still talk...they should fly his bloody guys think you are invincible, take it in your ass. Salop.


  4. Sorry for you Boss but unfortunately absolutely nothing will come of this. The police shoot and KILL people and nothing came of it so just thank God you are alive behave yourself. If it's any consolation to you Boss the State department wrote it down, but because of what happen in Vegas it might throw them off


  5. u thought u could have cum rob people again on Friday.go look for ur teeth and ur $20 in the river dats if u had and stop accusing the officer b 4 next time he fly ur knee cap


  6. Rat boy not crying because of the shot he crying because of the inconvenience of not being on the streets for a while....they shuda blow his brains MENACE! VOLAIRE


  7. Why would you run when stopped by police ?

    I bet Mary Francis is going to take up this guy's case too.


  8. Check mate one shot he get he crying like a baby . If he got all five he shitting on him. Gasa shut your ass.
    When u robbing people you not crying.


    • A day he asked me for money so I told him I didnt have, he curse me how much. After that he still come after me forgetting who I was. The way I roll on his ass eh.... a vehicle nearly right him off


  9. New Testament Verse of the Day:
    But Jesus spoke to them at once. "Don't be afraid," he said. "Take courage. I am here!"

    – Matthew 14: 27


  10. Man tell the people is a bottle that cut your damn foot hence the reason you don't want to go see doctor


  11. Theres always 2 sides to a story. This man is well known for causing problems. I feel sorry for him bec he needs professional help as he has become a victim of dark society which is ever lurking in many parts of st.lucia.


  12. No one in their right mind will shoot you just so....the officer should've shot you in the knee cap. Do you'll stay at you home and not passing in town grabbing people's belonging and running.....vya voler


    • Stop being stupid no one in their right mind will shoot just so.. it seem we forget some of the ashole police that does just empty their gun on ppl because they hand scratching them choopsss


  13. My two cents: looking at this video, the footage of the boy's foot, that is not a bullet wound. Granted, I am no expert, but you can clearly see a gash, a cut, on the guy's foot. I suspect the young man cut himself on something when he jumped into the dirty river, and is claiming that it's a gunshot wound. I am not saying that he wasn't fired at, or upon, but I am saying that he didn't get shot.
    Let the maypwi begin....


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