PHOTO UPDATE: Verve bar destroyed by fire

PHOTO UPDATE: Verve bar destroyed by fire


A massive fire lit up the Rodney Bay Strip early this morning, as the popular Verve bar was completely destroyed.

The incident occurred at about 3 a.m. Wednesday, May 18.

A contingent of emergency service vehicles arrived on the scene and were eventually able to contain the blaze.

Fortunately no injuries were reported.

Although the cause of the fire remains unclear, investigators are working to identify its origins.




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  1. Isn't the whole property that Verve was attached to actually owned by the guy who runs "Lucian Style' or whatever the tour/segway business next door is named. I think Verve is actually leased from that guy. Would be interesting to hear his perspective.


  2. Bar and restaurant business are very difficult in Rodney Bay. So put your place on fire and claim from the insurance. That is the case.


  3. This whole thing is fishy to me. People are quick to say jealousy....but I would have to disagree....


  4. The young st lucian population are so stupid its ridiculous. There was a massive fire in soufriere we lost historical buildings. They could have cared less! but a bar which was open for about a YEAR has burnt down and they are acting like all their mother's have died! you kids are crazy! The owners of the bar will come out on top and rebuild an even bigger and better bar. Go find some real issues to concern your selves with. Lost human beings.


  5. I think the greater picture is being missed. This is just another aspect of the increasing lawlessness and criminality that is overrunning St. Lucia.

    Law and order has broken down here and every man for himself.
    The authorities clueless and the police helpless. They tired begging for manpower and resources. Where the CCTV cameras? Ate they yet working?

    Last week was two teenage girls raped and forced into oral sex by a gunmam 7:30 pm in Derek Walcott Square. This is our city centre, next to the church and a stone's throw from police headquarters.

    This week a 15 year old gunned down with seven bullets again in the city. Chaussee Road.

    Like it or not the consequences of IMPACS IS PREVAILING.
    Like it or not we have serial rapists on the loose. So says Dr. Anthony but with all that information he fails to say if they have been caught.
    Like it or not we have a failed Minister of national security and collapsef justice system.
    But the french man got his day in court whilst Lucians suck salt. So what we expect? Criminality will obviously reign whilst Helen burning like Verve.


  6. these fires ALWAYS tend to happen when the businesses are closed at nights....y they never catch fire during the day...


  7. To the owner/owners...we have a case of ulterior agenda to claim Rodney bay in its entirety...but you know what...this is a minor setback....just like a phoenix it is born from its ashes brighter and bigger than it last all verve fans...loyal customers and supporters of young entrepreneurship ...lets set up an account....give what you it material...monetary...lets bring back our favorite watering hole...we got your back young man...we cool


    • shut up. Nobody is giving a business money after a fire. They are fully insured and both owners are from well to do families. Raise some money for cancer patients and be of some real service.


      • Redrum you must have approved the insurance since your scont knows so that as it may...a young persons business was destroyed...thats the bottom line...ill support its recovery no matter the circumstance...unlike you pricks who probably want to fight down any success your brother/sister has...


  8. It's high time the planning department stop allowing the Rodney Bay buisness people building these flimsy sheds and refering to them as buildings or buisnesses when they are no more than banana sheds
    most these places in the rodney bay area are little more than temporary structures and pose serious fire hazzards. I find it hard to understand what goes on in that area. Do insurance companies really insure these places?



    • there is beauty in those sheds .. who wanna lime in a hot or enclosed place all the time?? if so we should just stay in our offices ...


      • I agree. Please look at the back of the verve and look for the ice cream place and ask yourself IS THIS TOURIUSM.


    • This guy is right though. Why should we attempt to develop Rodney Bay into the next New York City when in reality tourists leave these cities to come to a laid back natural island. Rodney Bay should have more historical type buildings, of wooden structure similar to the one that recently burnt down in Soufriere. Nobody wants to sit down in AC, surrounded by tons of concrete in a concrete jungle. Lucia is beautiful, lets reflect that in our architecture. Simple works.


  9. The level of jealousy & evil in this world is unbelievable. More than just a bar. Verve was good vibes. #VerveForever


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