UPDATE: “I wasn’t driving fast” – says Robbie

UPDATE: “I wasn’t driving fast” – says Robbie

Calypsonian Regis ‘Robbie’ Calixte, whose car burst into flames after crashing into a tree at Choc Monday night, has denied that speeding was the cause of his accident.

Speaking with Saint Lucia News Online (SNO) on Tuesday July 1, Calixte was adamant that he had not lost control of his Sirion, a vehicle he had bought brand new seven years ago.

“The vehicle just ran off the road,” he said in response to questions from an SNO reporter on the possible cause of the accident.

When asked whether he could have been driving at high speed or perhaps fallen asleep or gotten distracted at the wheel, he insisted once again, “I wasn’t driving fast at all…No, nothing like that. The vehicle just went off the road.”

The car’s entire engine was destroyed when it caught fire following the collision, he confirmed.

“It’s a right-off,” he said.

Calixte was eliminated at the latest round of the national calypso competition recently. Among his songs for this season is a self-titled tune “Robbie” and another called “That’s It”.

Reports are that Calixte was driving northbound at around 9 p.m. when he lost control of his white Diahatsu Sirion which caught fire on impact with a coconut tree, opposite JQ Motors.

Calixte managed to escape with minor injuries to his face.

When the SNO team arrived, officers were controlling traffic flow and Calixte was assisting Tyrone’s Wrecker Service to get the remains of the vehicle onto the wrecker.


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  1. I was thinking the samething tet ti lang...Dem man doesn't maintain their vehicles,just drive & put gas.I also personally feel all transport to do a mechanical check once a year to see if they are fit to transport passengers.


  2. Glad you are ok but why were driving so fast.Did you fall asleep at the wheel?Be careful my bro.


    • Who said the man was speeding? A vehicle can catch fire after a front end collision. You don't have to be speeding for that to happen.


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