UPDATE: UWP name two remaining candidates

UPDATE: UWP name two remaining candidates
Jimmy Henry CANDIDATE-horz
Left to right: Jimmy Henry and ‎Prince Ambrose *UWP photos

Two individuals were on Friday named candidates of the United Workers Party (UWP), bringing the party’s list of candidates to 17.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony on Thursday evening announced June 6, 2016 as the official date for the next general election on Saint Lucia.

The UWP has for the past several weeks been promising to announce the two remaining candidates, but now that the election date has been set, they’ve decided to release the names.

The candidates are: Jimmy Henry (Dennery North) and ‎Prince Ambrose (Vieux Fort North).

Party executive, Nancy Charles, said that these and other candidates will be launched over the next few weeks remaining, before election.

Charles said the party is fully prepared to contest the election, and noted that the recently announced candidates have already met with the people of the constituency they wish to represent.


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  1. I don't see why we want to do God's work for him. He is the one putting and taking out government. Why don't we just pray, exercise our rights (go out and vote on election day) and wait to see what God will do because he has the final. Whatever happens God is in control and whoever he puts in power he does it for a reason.


  2. Wow! I feel sorry for my people. So blinded by ignorance. It's 2016 people wake up.
    We need to pray.


  3. The UWP had five years to find credible candidates but instead of doing this all they did was fight among themselves. Its not as if they were the ruling party and therefore they were too busy with the country's affairs. This party has proven over and over how incompetent they really are.


  4. Bon jor de jour Christians in politics. Prince I don't believe you. Going and follow the decievers. You are so going to get your butt kicked by Mosa. Let's not even discuss so called Dennery north Gimmy don't stand a chance. He and Shawn were colleagues at one pointing time. But sorry to say. You'll are gonna get you'll buts kicked


  5. I swear arguing with a die heard slp supporter is like arguing with a Donald Trump supporter. No hope. They believe and see only want they want to. In their head all is well with the country so sad.


  6. Ain't nobody got time for DAT. U think I care who upset because i spoke my mind earlier.Choops tan. My man is same age with Kenny and he could pass as his son. Woyyyyy


  7. Musa & Cecil lay did nothing. Always water issues,he built house for Gina,dirty man.Prince is exceptional.Musa neva fix da cacoa/vigier road,gave his women jobs. Leonita to work at pierrot school,girl has no education. Prince is a man of hope n a godly man.
    Kenny only did an old square and promenade in vieux fort.after 15years,vieux fort is empty,dead,life less.
    We the young ppl will show Musa & Kenny,we are frustrated and Prince is hope. Stop victimizing people and attacking them,labar hacks.
    Musa is a loser and this time-power must change hands to da godly man;Prince Ambrose. Musa lose, stop fooling farmers with diversification lies,all the hotels have concessions and bring in their own food. Kenny ur time is up.never will you be pm again,labay will be shocked and Musa,yes the young ppl can't be fooled anymore!


  8. Slp Dennery north won't loose any sleep over you boy, Who are you? who know you? who you know? Wrong choice, your brother pringle stood a better chance than you. Mr Rep save your energy n pls talk Jimmy into pulling out ah that wit the promise of painting d Grand-riviere walls in red after the 6th Lol. Ha ha hi. .Sorry Jimmy


  9. Bambi Gimmy is no walk over in Dennery North, go and make your home work. Why you think we didn't choose Andy, he would be a walk over.


    • You lie! Yourl had to choose between jimmy and andy! Andy got most votes but a televised interview showed no one wants andy! They prefer him over jimmy but they en want him! So shut up!! Smh dennery north! Red and ready!


    • That's the thing with you'll St. Lucian's you'll dont know what you'll want ,no one is good enough i just dont get it .Well if Gimmy is not a good candidate for Dennery North ,y didnt u do better and place yourself up their ,stop seating on your brain and try thinking straight . Thank You


  10. Jimmy SAville will fix it ? No way. And its not because they announce him late, Its because shawn n the SLP is in form and they are un stoppable.


  11. The politics of St.Lucia and the wider Caribbean will never change.I really wish there was a genuine third party who can actually contest for the election and cause an upset.There are too many safe seats in the country hence the reason why politicians take the electorate for granted.Whoever wins the next election has to put the interest of the people and the country fist.


  12. rude gyal, full of s*** as usual. desperate search for two candidates? what were they promised? mortgages paid? loans paid? was a vehicle promised?


  13. I know it would be tuff to find any one who was willing to take a leap of faith in Vieux Fort North. These people are diehard SLPs. It is a shame that we get stuck in party name rather than in party principles. Furthermore, there is not much time to get to know Prince Ambrose. All the best. Pray hard, and may the good Lord be with you.


  14. Let me make you headless UWP fans understand something. Face the truth and nothing but the truth. Labour has more highly educated individuals who know what they are about and dont scandalize their issues all over the place BUT rather sit and reason them out. Whereas UWP individuals go all over media bashing each other and hence ruined their chance teach them some conflict resolution skills and when they are fully equipped i am sure they will be in power!!!!!


  15. Shame on Jimmy Henry for placing himself on the alter. Lamb for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Denbury North on June 6th.
    Andy Daniel was a more viable candidate and the smarter of the two candidates. So much so that he allowed the fool to take the fall.


  16. Kenny looking soo old and tired like a broken down truck.Leave politics alone.Your time pass already.By now u should have made enough money on st.Lucian's heads. Labour must lose and when u leaving take Mugabi with u. A bunch of tired old men. Waste of time. Boom take that!!!!!!


    • I wonder what the older folks among us make these comments.
      Do you have a problem with his ability to lead our beloved country or his age. Seems like your are not a fan of older people. For you grand parents sake hope I'm wrong.

      I think he has done a fantastic job considering the many challenges that small island states like ours have been confronted with. Dr Anthony is the best leader for us at this time. Of course the time for him to exit the political stage is slowly approaching. However, he still has some time. Way more time than Bernie Sanders,Hilary Clinton and not forgetting Donald Trumpet. .......ops.
      Sir John was 15+ older. It's not about his age. It's about his vision and ability to take us to the next stage of out development. UHC, much need infrastructural development, improvements in educational sector and the list goes on.


      • "Looking old" was what was said. He did not say that he is too old. If I am am 20 and I look like 40 can't someone say that I am looking out. Kenny is looking old. Evil people can get old fast.


    • So what you leave for Compton's return at 80? Remember it was that tired old man that got UWP the victory. Maybe that's why they never honoured anything in his manifesto because he too ancient.


  17. Now the Uwp train is on the move from the Dennery North constituency. The whole Flambeau campaign dynamics is going to change.


  18. The United Workers Party has no respect for the voting population of Vieux-Fort North. "ANYBODY" is selected to represent, as if we are not worthy of intelligent, strategic, and competitive candidate. Come on people!!!!!! During the past five years the party could not get anyone of substance to represent??? It's like the party has accepted that it's a labour seat so they are sending someone to save face. It's best they leave the constituency without a candidate. Shameful and embarrassing!!!